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iphone 5 problem

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it is hard to get an un scratched  iPhone 5. I purchased an iphone 5 from the apple store, and when i got home and unboxed it i noticed it had scratches  on it, they were on the shiny metal frame around the screen, and then one small dent on the back that was painted over. I went back on the other side of town to the apple store, and got it exchanged. When it got exchanged the exchanged new out the retail box iphone 5 had scratches on it also, its scratches  were even worse. Then i had it exchanged again, and again they all had scratches  on them. I then got refunded and went to an at&t store to buy an no commitment iphone 5. The iphone 5 I got there was opened by an employee with me, and it had a dent on it rite under the antenna at the top, I then was like can I get it exchanged, they said id have to go back to the apple store in order to get an exchanged. I then went back to apple store. The genus bar exchanged it, the exchanged one had a scratch on its shiny black frame as well to. Then I went back to at&t and requested a refund, and at&t people said we dont have enough  cash to refund you & never will, i paid in cash and wanted a cash refund , they said  that I could only get a store credit or a takes over a week to arrive in the mail check refund. At&t still has horrible customer service. It took them forever to get to me in the store, one guy was on a computer just chilln, mean while another just walked by and dident ask me if needed help with something, instead he walked by and went to the break room in the back, mean while the others are just chilling around, with only one doing his job who was like I will help you in a few. I asked the others for help, they acted like they were to busy or something. I was stuck at that store for over 20 min. I plan to when I finally get my refund to order a factory unlocked iphone 5 fresh out of china, that will hopefully have no scratches on it out of the box like the ones at the apple store do. 


If your iphone 5 came with scratches out of the box, post a comment reply to this post. 

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My iPhone 5, bought through a carrier on launch day, was scratch-free. I immediately put a snap-on case on it, but unlike the iPhone 4/4s, the exposed part of the front bezel on the top and bottom is easy to scratch, and I put an annoying scratch on mine. I immediately put a full coverage soft case on after that.
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