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Unable to Enable "File Sharing"

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Mac Geniuses,


I am in this strange situation where I can't enable "File Sharing" on my macbook pro, 

either by selecting the SystemPreferences > Sharing > File Sharing

or using the terminal commands

cd /System/Library/CoreServices/AppleFileServer.app/Contents/MacOS

sudo ./AppleFileServer


When I click on File Sharing checkbox, it just doesn't click no matter what. Even with FireWall turned off :(






Any idea whats going on? All I want to do is to make some folders available to my iMac from this MBP...


Thanks for the help!



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fwiw - I never use file sharing but rather use the network connection available from the Finder.
Command -K >choose Browse>choose the computer you want to connect to>enter name and password.
Don't connect as a guest but rather as admin using the appropriate user and password for the machine.
U R In.
Try that.
The only reasons I can think of why you can't connect using share is that afp (apple file sharing protocol) hasn't for some reason started up.
You may also need to correct permissions using Disc Utility, found in Apps>Utilities. Choose your drive, typically some long alpha numeric at the top of the list and repair disc privileges and permissions.
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