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Does anyone know what this is HDAPM?  Thanks

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This is probably the only relevant thing.


I'm not sure why you'd want or need this, as ATA drives are long dead.

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A Mac OS X utility for setting the power management (APM) level on ATA hard drives.

It can be used to eliminate "chirping" or "clicking when idle" noises in some HDDs.



  • OS X 10.5 or higher.
  • ATA/SATA hard disk with APM support.
  • Does not work with external USB or Firewire drives.




Further information can be found in the usage guide.




New! (Aug 25, 2012) version 1.2.

  • Improved support for systems with multiple drives.
  • Detects all APM compatible drives automatically (No need to edit .plist file for Optibays, Mac Pros, etc).
  • New uninstall script.



Installer Package hdapm-1.2.dmg
Source code hdapm-1.2-source.tar.gz
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Thanks for this information. I have a MM 2011 model and it started to make clicking noises 2 days ago. When I downloaded this the clicking now i hear maybe once or twice not like before loud through my computer speakers.

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