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Apple says New Year's 'Do Not Disturb' bug will fix itself Jan. 7 - Page 2

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Originally Posted by RichL View Post


A developer can take an educated guess at how the functionality is implemented. A lot of software problems have a single sensible solution (and that's why software patents are bad). Either Apple has used NSDate (as stated - a public and widely used API) or has reinvented in the wheel. The former seems more likely, though the latter would explain why Apple has been the victim of so many end-of-year bugs.


Apart from the fact that there are more than two possibilities involved, he still doesn't know what he's talking about.

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Originally Posted by coolfactor View Post


You don't think that all code changes are vetted by at least two programmers and testing is done? You seem to have a negative view on programmers in general.


That's an odd assumption, since I am a programmer.


One who has coded many date bugs that went undetected, and one who has found many bugs in date routines in others' code.


So no, I don't have a negative opinion of programmers, I have a realistic view of which functionality is complex and therefore likely to harbor bugs, and the motivations that cause programmers to hit these same bugs over, and over, and over.

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Originally Posted by cameronj View Post

I'm surprised that the statement from Apple wasn't something more like "this is a bug that will fix itself on January 7 and we will be fixing it as quickly as possible with our next software update as well." Just saying that the problem will go away on its own on the seventh kind of implies that they don't think it's a huge issue and they're not immediately working on a fix, which I'm sure they are, but they really should make that clear.

Actually, this is important. The solution is to fix the bad code, yes. That they say it will fix itself is incorrect. The problem will stop, yes, for now. But the code clearly still calculates human time and date changes incorrectly. It will return in some other fashion some other day.
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Originally Posted by muppetry View Post


Except that doesn't explain why it reappears in 2014. And when it is based on time of day, why does it care about the week number?


I agree it does not explain why it appears again in 2014, as for the scheduling of Do Not Disturb, I would have to assume that if it will fix itself on a set day that it would be taking in to account some other information, other then just the time of day. After all, there is not much difference between 6 AM today, and 6 AM next Monday.  


Originally Posted by einsteinbqat View Post

But why does it seems like it is only Apple that is having new year bug?


Apple is not the only one having problems this week, they simply have a larger user base in which experiences these problems. A good friend of mine is a developer for a local company and has also had problems this week, however his were a result of the leap year issue I was describing in my other post.

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Wow. Yet again my posts are being deleted.
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