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Disk HOG

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I-Mac w/ 1T drive... now shows only 118gb left on drive.

I can't seem to find the disk hog.  I have off loaded many duplicate files and etc.

Just installed Mt Lion - Jan 2013.
Used to have a Fusion-3/Bootcamp partition.  Since my old Fusion will not run in Mt Lion, I am not sure what happened to that space.

What is an easy way to find my disk hogs??

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Thanks.... that helped a lot.

Somehow when I installed Mt Lion, I created a new Admin account with many duplicate files/folders.


I deleted the account, but some of it still shows in Finder - should that be deleted?

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This application can help list folders by size:


If you deleted the account but chose to leave the user folder, the contents would be left on the drive so can be deleted but always check that files you delete are duplicates by having two Finder windows open with one item in each. That way if you delete something, you can see that the other one remains.
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thanks for Diskwave... much easier to figure out what files are taking up space.

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