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"It's less 'Plan B' than how you execute on the current plan," Klein said


Microsoft "Plan B" in the post-PC era is falling back on the PC era.

That's what he means by "execute on the current plan."

And what is Microsoft's real, actual, current plan?

I think they're just going through the motions, secretly hoping their post-PC devices totally fail.

Here's their strategy (IMHO):


Step 1: Release some half-assed post-PC devices (Windows Phone, Surface.)

Step 2: See how those half-assed post-PC devices do in the open market.

Step 3A: If any or all of the half-assed post-PC devices do well, watch them cannibalize legacy Windows revenue.

Step 3B: If the half-assed post-PC devices fail completely, watch iOS devices cannibalize legacy Windows revenue.

Step 4: Hype Xbox as if it were generating enough revenue to sustain the company.


Microsoft is just trying to ride out the post-PC era, lamely imitating successful post-PC companies' software and hardware.

While continuing to milk legacy Windows corporate IT customers.

While retreating to their core competency: selling legacy Windows + Office to businesses.

There's no "Plan B" for Microsoft in the post-PC era.  And "Plan A" is another way of saying "Same thing.  Different era."

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