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No Hard Drive detected

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I received a kernel panic last night and had to hard re-boot. Now my Powermac won't see any hard drive I plug in. I have tried resetting the mobo, unplugging the battery for 20 minutes, using different IDE cables, using one drive at a time...etc etc...I can boot off my jaguar CD but it can't find a drive. I can boot off my OS 9 CD and it can't find the drive either.

Is there anything else I can try before I call tech support? No Nortons won't work either (as some have suggested to me prior to this post)
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when you say it won't see them, does it not know they are there, or it just won't mount them?

for example, in the drive utility, can it see that there's a drive there?

if so, what kind of HD's (brand) are you using?

i'd make sure of the following.

for most brands, make sure the drive is set to master. make sure it's on the right IDE connector for the master drive. (if you not sure, try both)

if you have western digital drives, they will have to be set to cable select if they're the only device on the IDE chain. if they aren't they don't detect a lot of times.

let me know if any of that works.
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In the drive utility they don't show up at all. Everything worked fine for almost a year so I know I have everything hooked up right. I have the default drive the QuickSilver came with, a 60 GB Western Digital I believe...or is it a seagate...I can't remember but I'll go check.
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ok, dunno if this will work, but this might solve both of your problems at once. (re: your iBook)

first, you'll need a 6 pin to 6 pin firewire cable.

boot your desktop off your OS9 cd. (it won't see your drive)

then boot your iBook up holding down the "T" key. this should put it into target disk mode. plug the two machines together.

now the iBook HD should show up on the desktop of your PowerMac. install OS9 to your iBook.

if this works, you should be able to start up from your iBook now. if you can, shut down the powermac and restart, holding down the "T" key on the powermac.

now your Powermac should show up on the desktop of your iBook.

use a norton cd to run checks on the disk from here. although they didn't work before, they can sometimes run if they're launched from another machine. if they can't mount the drive, then you're pretty much SOL, but you'll at least have your iBook back up and running.
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That is some real good information. I just want to let everyone know that my iBook is not unusable...it is in fine shape, I just can't install OS 9 on one of the partitions I made. Only X. I will definitely try that target mode thing but I figure my machines under warantee still so why not have apple fix my powermac.
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