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In an act of good humored fun, Apple on Tuesday reportedly sent social commerce site Fancy a cake to commemorate its role as a launch partner for Google's Google+ Sign-In initiative.

Apple Fancy Cake
Apple's cake to Fancy. | Source: Fancy via The Next Web

First reported by The Next Web, Fancy's Jake Frey posted pictures of Apple's cake, which features the company's logo above a "Sign in with Google" button, marking the site's recently announced partnership with the internet search giant.

A rumor made the rounds in 2012, claiming that Apple was interested in buying the Pinterest competitor to kickstart a move into the general e-commerce business. Fancy managed to net a $10 million investment round at a reported $100 million valuation in 2011, adding to the $6 million it raised in 2010.

In the intervening months, Fancy's app has been featured on the iOS App Store multiple times.

Google+ is pushing the Sign-In project as an alternative to Facebook's widespread Facebook Connect, which allows users to bypass the process of creating creating new user account with participating websites and services, as well as mobile and web apps.