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iMessage reliability

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How are users generally finding the reliability of iMessage?

- as a simple SMS replacement, works fine. Does what a text message can do (plus read/delivered receipt, and shows when other user is typing)
- for the more innovative features (group iMessage, syncing between iDevices) I find it can be very unreliable. Messages out of order on syncing, will receive on one device but not the other, and some recipients on group iMessages receive messages after a long delay, but not others.

Anyone else with these issues or just me?
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100% in syncing and sending, myself.


My only problem has been in OS X when I receive a message from someone. The notification shows up in Notification Center, but DOES NOT pop up or make any noise (read: actually notify me), despite telling it to do so. Messages does open automatically and steal focus from whatever I'm doing (I abhor both of that) when I receive a message from a non-iMessage source, however.

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