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1. SIM.
If your old phone is not smartphone, then the easiest way is to import the contact from SIM card.

Settings – email/contacts/calendar – sync SIM contacts

2. Google accounts
(1) transfer the contacts from old phone to Google server
Google server:
(2) bind Microsoft exchange mailbox in your iPhone
(3) download contacts from Exchange

How to transfer contact to google server, different systems like blackberry have different operations.


Menu - Tools - Synchronization - options - New sync mode – edit, then you can see three options: "sync mode name", "Application", "Connection Settings."

Sync mode name: Google Sync

Application: go to Phonekook and the answers respectively are “Yes”, “Contacts”, “two-way”.

Connection Settings: The answers respectively are “1.2”, “Google”, “Internet”, “” , “443”, your Google account and password.


If you have Google Mobile Service in your phone, just bind the gmail and sync the contacts.

If not, you need to bind Microsoft Exchange mailbox.

settings – account and sync – add Exchange account – Exchange server: – select “sync contacts”


If you can use BIS, just add gmail in “Email account management”, then you can find “sync contacts” in “sync options”.

If you don’t have BIS, use Google Sync. Blackberry users directly download the app at Open the app, input your Google account, select “Sync Contacts”, choose “automatic” at “When to sync”, save the settings.