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For most of my calendar events, I have one alert, 5 minutes before the event. But I notice with my weekly recurring events, I get an alert right before the event too. This is something that I have never set up. (Like I said, most all of my alerts, recurring or not, have one 5 minute alert).

When I look at the event, it somehow has added a second alert of "15 seconds before". When I edit the event to get rid of the 15 seconds before alert, it saves it and all future events. I go back and verify this. But inevitably, that "15 seconds before" alert gets put back on all the weekly events. Something keeps adding it back. I haven't tracked down exactly when it gets added, but it is always sometime before the next recurring event.

Anyone have any idea how these "15 seconds before" alerts get added? This isn't even a valid alert option! What's going on?