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Facebook reportedly hires ex-Apple Maps chief to mobile software team

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According to a report released on Tuesday, Facebook has picked up former Apple executive Richard Williamson, who was previously in charge of the company's iOS 6 Maps initiative, to be a part of the social networking giant's mobile software team.


Bloomberg cites two sources with knowledge of the matter as saying Williamson will take on a managerial position within Facebook's mobile-software group after being hired in the "past couple of weeks."

Williamson was fired from Apple in November following the iOS Maps rollout, which was widely panned due to incorrect location data, poor routing assets and Flyover rendering issues.

Facebook is looking to strengthen its mobile offerings, as evidenced by the latest "Facebook Home" initiative on Android. Certain features from Home were added to the flagship Facebook iOS app on Tuesday, including so-called "Chat Heads," which allow for easy access to ongoing Facebook Messenger conversations.

As noted by the publication, Williamson isn't the first former Apple employee to be hired by Facebook. Currently, iPhone touch-screen UI developer Greg Novick, iPhone software gurus Tim Omernick and Chris Tremblay, and creator of Apple's first-party Stocks app Scott Goodson have joined the Facebook team.

In addition, Push Pop Press founders and former Apple designers Mike Matas and Kimon Tsinteris were added to the company's roster after their firm was acquired by the social network. Finally, Facebook's head of consumer marketing, Rebecca Van Dyck, was also an Apple employee.
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That's great news for him. I felt at the time we heard of his termination from Apple that he was rather a scapegoat being used to assuage the silly criticism from desperate anti-APPL pundits. The whole "maps" issue was a tempest in a teacup, I thought.

Since I eschew Fecebook, however, I'll not get much benefit from his contributions there.
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Just goes to show that Apple's scraps are extremely lucrative even for a company like facebook. 

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this guy did a great job on maps only an asshole would hold someone responsible because a 3-D bot could not successfully render a bridge shadow on moving water
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Hopelessly undercooked, indeed!

In Oz, last time I looked, satellite views are still in B/W and dozens of town positions are incorrect. A disaster, by Apple's usual high standards. However, apart from a long list of readily avoidable errors (!) it's a very impressive app: fast, attractive, easy to use, etc.. Potentially, better than the Google Maps app it replaces. 

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Originally Posted by igriv View Post

That is the strangest use of the word "lucrative" I have seen in a long time.
Eh, why?

His usage was quite correct.
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Wonder where Scott Forstal will end up.
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