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Well here we go so if this were true we would see:
iPhone 5S. iPhone mini
4 inch retina. ~3 inch regular
2 or 4 core A7. 2 core A5
1 GB RAM. 1/2 GB RAM
720 HD facetime(1.2). VGA FaceTime
(~10)iSight 1080. 1080 isight(~5)
Battery ~10>~8
Better wireless than mini
Models. contract
32-$200. 4 to 16-$0
64-$300. 8 to 32-$100
128-$400. 16 to 64-$200
no contract
32-$650. 4 to 16-$200
64-$750. 8 to 32-$300
128-$850. 16 to 64-$400
32 to 128-$500
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Originally Posted by Mac_128 View Post
When did they discontinue the iPhone 4? Did I miss something? I thought they were still selling it brand new as the "free" phone.


*sigh* I'm living in the future… 


All right, then that works out to iOS 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 on the iPhone 4. That's not going to work. 

People will whine and demand 8, so Apple gives it to them. Except it can't actually have any of the features of 8, so they'll whine about how slow the phone is while receiving zero new features. Screw 'em. Drop it right away.

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Originally Posted by JollyPaul View Post


I see no indication they are listening to anyone but themselves, for better or worse. It would be nice if they communicated with someone besides themselves, if only in maintenance of their brand and mindshare. At this time it looks like a year of silence to wait for a plastic down scale iPhone and a minor iPad update. I hope there is more.


What he said ^

Originally Posted by asdasd View Post

Apple is unlikely to go ahead with one model iPhone for ever and ever - they don't do that any where else.


As for the iPhone 4S, a fine machine, but it comes with one years OS support if it becomes the low end model.




So this will be cheap. And cheaper looking. As long as it runs the latest OS really well, it won't matter in the markets they are targeting.


Also, the blue version might look better :-P


Him too ^

An iPhone, a Leatherman and thou...  ...life is complete.


An iPhone, a Leatherman and thou...  ...life is complete.

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Is it me, or is there something wrong with how the "iPhone" appears when you rotate it to correct perspective? 

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Interesting seeing that Tactus is previewing its tactile display on an iphone on its web site. Apple is gonna show once again why they are the best & always will be in mobile technology.
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OTOH a composite back can be done nicely, as can a ceramic one (a tech Apple has been poking around in from what I recall). 


Less the materials than the execution.

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When they talk about a 'low end iPhone', they would still probably have the internal hardware of the iPhone 4s or iPhone 5 (2 fast & very capable phones), assuming this comes out when the iPhone 5s is released. 

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Can someone do 3D mapping with photoshop on the leaked image of the phone to confirm that it wasn't manipulated? I don't think the Apple logo would be black. Also I spot a bezel made of steel similar to the iPhone 3GS' used for the Wifi antenna. (It seems to be kinda floating and on the lower left corner is a reflecting light that only metal can reflect)

But so far we can make these assumptions about the next iPhone.

It will have a black gorilla glass front with a home button, front facing camera, and speaker, a lightning connector, the volume buttons will be above of the mute switch, and the device will have a 4 inch display or higher. It will have a higher resolution camera than the 5 on the back as well.

It will house LTE, wifi g,n and possibly ac (unlikely) and iOS 7 will be more in Jony Ive's taste. It will be sold in white, and black, but may come in more colors.

It will have a speaker (obviously) and come equipped with a gyroscope, accelerometer and Bluetooth.

Production of A7 chips are not possible, however a 32nm process used to build the iPad 2,4 revision made it last 30% so expect a boost in battery life if Apple doesn't put more MHz into their lithium batteries.

LTE chips are being made 50% smaller and consume less power, so an decrease of battery consumption should also boost battery life.

Well that's all I know, and if it is that this is the new iPhone, don't expect a second model, this is the next iPhone for 2013. We all thought the 5 that was leaked was a prototype, but it wasn't since it already housed the lightning connector, so you should all just accept this new model as it is being leaked today if it is not proven to be image manipulated. I actually like it.
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iTunes Radio - Apple TV with Wifi AC - Gold Anodized Aluminum iPhone - Mac Pro: September - November 2013



iTunes Radio - Apple TV with Wifi AC - Gold Anodized Aluminum iPhone - Mac Pro: September - November 2013


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Originally Posted by Slurpy View Post

Oh God. The sensationalism is so predictable. Noone knows if these are real or fake. But you know what? Every single iPhone that has leaked online in this fashion before being unveiled was declared "the ugliest thing ever" and "no way in hell this is from Apple" by the internet, including the iPhone 4 and 5. 

The heart of Apple's mobile products are iOS and the ecosystem. The product isn't automatically shit because it's made out of plastic/polycarbonate. Samsung is selling billions of plastic devices, and consumers don't seem to mind. And I have no doubt this thing, if it exists, will be of significantly higher quality than what Samsung has been putting out. There's a ton of people (like me) that buy their phones unlocked, especially outside of NA. The iPhone 4 is still $450 unlocked for God's sakes. Being able to buy a brand new iPhone, unlocked, for a reasonable price would be fantastic. Not everyone needs ultra-high build quality with a micron of precision- for many, merely "great" build quality is enough. This is the same useless shrieking that happened before the iPad mini was unveiled, you should know buy now Apple does not make shit products, it's not in their DNA, and they know the value of the brand. 

I find it hilarious that people here ignore the fact that Steve Jobs went from aluminum to plastic for TWO generations of the iPhone, but now if Apple offers such an OPTION, hey're doomed and Tim Cook is burning the company to the ground. There's literally BILLIONS of people around the world that would benefit from a cheaper iPhone. There's nothing wrong with the concept if done well. It's just always absolutely stunning to be how people that have followed Apple for so long (ie. Tallest Ski) still have no confidence in them to pull anything off, even when they're proven wrong over and over again by history. 

You can unlock an iPhone for like $2.50 (two fiddy) today... via eBay.. I did it with my AT&T 3GS from Swift Unlocks. People just buy what's already done but it took like 5 hours for it to be unlocked remotely and all I had to do is restore with iTunes.

iTunes Radio - Apple TV with Wifi AC - Gold Anodized Aluminum iPhone - Mac Pro: September - November 2013



iTunes Radio - Apple TV with Wifi AC - Gold Anodized Aluminum iPhone - Mac Pro: September - November 2013


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i hope it is real, as i would buy one. i'm still holding onto my 3gs. now that i have an ipad mini, the iphone is just a phone. i use it when i am out, and nothing more. in fact, i rarely know where it is in my apartment, anymore, because i use my mini all the time. i just find in on my way out the door, hoping its charged. 


i think now is a good time for apple to tier the iphone. already, india sales are giving the iphone world sales a boost. this will just tap into the BRIC markets more. and, as the so called "smart phone" is becoming just another commodity, this also makes sense. and, not that apple management probably cares too much, but i think launching such a product well will give the stock price the kick it obviously needs. 


the only real challenge is going to be finding it the right name. nano nor mini really fits. good luck, marketing! no matter what it is called, really looking forward to it. 

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Originally Posted by darkdefender View Post
You can unlock an iPhone for like $2.50 (two giddy) today... via eBay. 


And for free, if you're smart enough to click one button.

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Originally Posted by rpsx View Post

i think now is a good time for apple to tier the iphone.


I agree.


I actually liked the 3GS's plastic backplate. I never dropped it, whereas I've dropped my 5 several times. It's funny how so many people now blast any phone that doesn't have a metal backplate as being "low quality". Apparently they forgot how much they praised the quality of their 3GS a few years back, lol.


Nokia and others showed us that plastic can make for very high quality casing. But many people here won't acknowledge that unless the latest Apple product uses it. The good ol' "whatever Apple is doing now is absolutely perfect" mentality. :-)

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