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Ok i Know its not a new problem but it the first tiem I realize it. 

I dont know why but iTunes doesn't synch all the photos I chose to put on the iPad. For some reason it stops in the middle of the process and only copies part of what I choose. I made a little search on the web anbd it seems its a known problem. I've tried all the propose solutions like: deleting the «iPod cache folder»; re-installing iOS, rebuilding iPhoto database. but nothing, nada, niet, not working...  I'm really pissed at Apple. I've work on a Mac since 1990 and it the first time a feel let down by Apple (ok maybe with the exception of FCP X witch sucks, but that an another story) 

Spec: I'm running latest OSX 10.8.3 on a MacbookPro (2Ghz i7, 4Go Ram), latest iOS on a 16Gb iPad 2. 

Anyway, do you guys have any idea what I could do?