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It's no secret to understand that Apple will go down in the next years, if you look at their product they innovate incredibly well the market but once an invention is made they don't improve it with more imagination. About the Iphone the operating system have a very slow pace in getting better, while the apps go incredibly. There are to many restriction to use it, for music and video and foto: like this stupid controlling thing of itunes. Also if you attach to another computer maybe you have two or three it's always a mess and you are scared to lose your content. Quality is decreasing I bought recently an Iphone and does not sound well while listening and the battery pretty bad. But let's get in to the Iphone 5 the worst i phone ever it's a ego response to the far better samsung galaxy. I think I might switch one day because that screen it's unbearable it is just nonsense also the price far more absurd and guess for the first time apple is losing market share. And the I pad also now is fantastic but if they are keeping the same over the years they will lose it. For example why they don't put an sd card slot and try to make more usable as a principle device, is the most sold computer for apple ever, imagine that, and they don't improve it. How crazy doing the best invention and to be conservative.A bigger screen for example.. Also the software issue, like they had this wonderful platform for editing finalcut 7 and suddenly they abandon it for making a very bad cutproX, a useless application and they left professional to cope with premiere and avid. So next time maybe I'll buy a cheaper computer to edit. If you lose what you have conquered it's time for decline. Mine are just words and as an apple fan i have to say that in the last two years i have been disappointed.

Another issue is the price of retina disply which is absurd as the i pad with retina cost the same and computer boost from 500 to 1000 dollars more not mentioning in euro. Tha's crazy. And imagine they made ipad with more definition than the macbook air, with a smaller screen.

Something is wrong with apple and sooner or later i will have to switch to competitors.

I loved apple products but i find it hard now to understand why they don't improve towards customere.