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Game capture

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Hi there!


I have a White Unibody Macbook (2010) and, as you may know, recording with a software on it is... hard. Even with 4GB of RAM, the computer can hardly handle it. 


What I want to know is if it is possible to record my game sessions on my Macbook via a Game Capture. Plug my macbook video output on a Game Capture (HDMI or VGA) and record what's on my screen. I know it might exist (or not), but all I get when searching, is Game Capture for console which are compatible with mac for saving the videos.


I have 4GB or RAM, Mac OSX Lion, 2.4Ghz Intel core duo processor.


Thank you in advance, and have a nice week-end! :)



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Just bringing the topic up for people to see it in case they didn't.


Have anice Week-end! :)

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If you want to avoid the computer doing anything at all, it would need to be a standalone recorder. There's one here:


You'd need to put a 2.5" drive inside it. It looks like it has an HDMI to component cable so you'd need to connect the MB to it using a Mini-DVI to female HDMI cable like this one:


It might not work but you could always return them or sell them if it didn't.
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Thank you for your answer! I will try soon and I'll tell you if it works.

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