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Android is eating Apple and other OSs, that's the reality…



People that says iOS is better than Android don't really know the Android OS…


No, we're just not idiots.

Boring is iOS that is almost static for almost a decade.


1. Shut up.

2. Holy frick, the desktop paradigm has been around for 30 years. THAT MUST BE REALLY BORING, HUH? Idiot troll.

And keep in mind that Android will also eat alive Windows and Mac OS X since it can EASILY be a Desktop full feature OS.


1. Abject nonsense.

2. No, it can't. That's just idiotic.

3. If so, why isn't it? Why did Google make Chrome OS instead of just making a laptop with Android? You're OBVIOUSLY LYING.

Also Android is way more CPU independent…



…it's built on JAVA…




…java makes programs easily ported to Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android, and so on…



…that will make App Store wayyy less profit.


*waffle house*