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10.8.3 Graphiclags in Browsers

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Hey guys, I recently updated from Snow Leopard directly to Mountain Lion and now I have a issue I can't fix by myself.


I'm using a Macbook Pro Mid 2010, 4gig Ram, 2,4 Intel Dualcore, GT 320M - now running OSX 10.8.3 I've got a 27" secondary display, where I usually enjoy my content Youtube e.g.. It used to work very fluently with no probs at all. I could run a Skype conv., a Youtube vid, eyeTV and various apps simultaneously without any performance issues.


NOW: I have no other app running but Chrome, open up any random youtube-video and it starts to lag within seconds. When I switch to my 27" screen it shows a CPU usage of around 100% for Chrome and 80% for Pepperflashplayer, going down to 80%; 70% when displaying on my macbook screen. I've read that RAM upgrade might be recommended for running Lion or ML on "older" macbooks.I can't even run a single Video without lags.


However during this lags and CPU peaks I still have around 1,5gig of free RAM.

I've already installed 'Memory Clean' to monitor my RAM usage and keep it at a certain level.


This happens using

Chrome: Pepperflashplayer + Chrome

Firefox: Shockwaveflash + Firefox

Safari: Flashplayer + Safari

always having almost full cpu usage and extreme graphic lags.


This does not happen when displaying HD content from my hard drive, eyetv and such.


Any suggestions?

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Are you on integrated graphics or discrete when this happens?

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Get 10.8.4. See if that fixes it.
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