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Hey guys, basically I have recently replaced the HDD in my MacBook Pro 2011 with an SSD (highly recommended) but ever since re-installing from TimeMachine backup, I have not been able to open Microsoft Office for Mac 2011. It is asking me for my activation key again - long story short I moved house and no longer have it. I called Microsoft Support and they told me I could re-activate using my email address but for some crazy reason my MS account has no record of me ever owning the software. I DO however have Office running on my early 2011 iMac, which is using the same product key as the one I was using on my MacBook Pro. Does anyone know if there is a way of copying package contents or whatever from my iMac to my MacBook - or any other way of getting Office back on my MBP... I am kinda fed up of using iWork already. 1hmm.gif


Any help will be greatly appreciated!