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I just got a new 13" cMBP, and am trying to make it as secure as possible.

One area that I am concerned about is when my cMBP is running and just have the Password-Protected Screen-Saver on.

In the past I thought some people told me that setting up an EFI Password would protect me against Firewire/Thunderbolt RAM Attacks, but I'm not sure about this?!

This article here seems to do a good job showing the vulnerabilities of older MacBooks using EFI Passwords, but it doesn't really spell out why you would want to have an EFI Password in the first place...

EFI firmware protection locks down newer Macs

Here is another one that talks about improvements, but fails to explain the *benefit* to having such a password...

Apple boosts firmware password security on newer Macs

This new cMBP will be used for development and running my new business, so to me it is as important as the laptop the CEO for Citibank carries with him around the country!!!

Any and all advice to help me be as secure as possible would be appreciated!!

(BTW, I plan on using things like File Vault 2, Pass-Phrases, Firewall, and all the standard security settings you'd expect.)