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iOS software updates

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Guys I would appreciate it if use could help me out I have email watch dog with my complaint because there is no direct email adresse to apple so I have toon it upon my self to gather more information to help my case against apple if anyone had a complain about the software updates not working on the older generation iPods and phones could you please check out this page and write it on here.


It's about time apple stopped exploiting the customers.
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What in heaven's name are you even talking about? I refuse to get a Facebook account to see whatever internet petition this is, so could you possibly articulate it here?

Are you complaining about your technology being outdated? Tech changes; get over it. Either stop buying Apple products (idiotic) or deal with the fact that really old, really slow crap can't run really new, really powerful crap. I have a 1st gen iPad. I can only run iOS 5. I can neither afford nor justify a newer one yet, so I don't get the newer software. I don't need one. It'd be nice to have, but I don't need it. Not gonna waste money on things I don't need. If you feel you want it, go buy newer hardware. You don't deserve it.

Apple is exploiting no one. Don't kid yourself.
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Are you kidding me? You only have the first generation i pad now.Wow

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Originally Posted by hatton1994 View Post

I have toon it upon my self

You did what now?

Every vendor moves the bar for minimum system requirements:


Some games developers don't port certain games to older consoles. It can be annoying when Apple doesn't support older devices but they aren't legally obligated to support hardware forever.
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Apple does what they want so unless you can find a law that says that Apple must continue to make software work in existing hardware then you will get no where no matter how many watch dogs you call, Facebook pages etc you do.

A non tech's thoughts on Apple stuff 

(She's family so I'm a little biased)


A non tech's thoughts on Apple stuff 

(She's family so I'm a little biased)

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,,,,,,,I still have a working Apple M0001A Mac Plus running 6.0.2,,,,sooooooooo,,,,,,,,GET OVER IT!!!!!!


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