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Outlook 2011 is not working properly and I need help.  

OS X 10.8.3 MBA.

I have 2 accounts in Outlook:

1. Gmail using IMAP

2. Windows Live using POP

When I open Outlook, both accounts show, and I have 2 Inboxes and lots of folders in On MY Computer :)

The Problem:

When I click on Send/Receive the Windows Live just vanishes, the Inbox for that account disappears, and all associated folders (On my Computer) are gone too.

enter image description here

After hit Send/Recieve:
enter image description here

The Gmail still works fine.

I tried the Windows Live in Browser and works fine, and can see all my Folders.

So the problem is with Outlook 2011.

No Errors show up.

The only change (I think) is to upgrade to the Outlook online version in Windows Live.

Restarting Outlook brings all On my Computer folders back until i click the send/receive.

Is there a solution? Cannot figure out if it is a setting or what to do to fix this issue, but I cannot send or receive from Windows Live on the computer. 

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