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Looks like the data Locationary provides is far more advanced than Waze.
We can all agree lots needs to be done but honestly not sure if Waze would have gotten them where they need to be.

They need better satellite imaging for the 3D maps and there are companies out there with the data Apple needs, and they need more current Maps data and there are established companies out there Apple could buy or partner with.

Waze would not have been a quick fix.
Never said or suggested it would be. What I was suggesting was that I think really the mistake in not taking an acquisition of a company like WAZE more seriously is for marketing and user-base more than technology acquisition. Google made a great purchase only for the sole purpose of acquiring a user-base was once was solely on iOS. Now they have all new customers hat could potentially switch o android, should WAZE be totally absorbed into google maps...which, lets face it...that will eventually happen.
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