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MacBook died suddenly. Need answers.

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So let's start from the beginning...

I've had a 13' white MacBook for about 5 or so years. About 6 months ago the battery alert changed to "Replace Soon". My battery would usually die at around 50%, so while in use, I always kept it plugged in.

My MacBook has been through some rough times. I almost always use it outdoors during the day (at WiFi spots), sometimes in very high heat... it's not had a gentle life. The screen suffered mild water damage about a year ago.

Anyway, yesterday I noticed my trackpad button was sticking more than usual. I shut down the computer and cleaned it with some damp tissue. About two hours later, I went to turn the MacBook on, but nothing happened. When I got to a friend's computer, I scrolled all the Internet looking for help. I honestly tried everything. You name it, I tried it.

When I pressed the little indicator button on the battery, all lights show. Yet when I plugged in the MagSafe power adapter, the tiny indicator light doesn't glow green or amber.

When I tried the SMC reset, nothing happened at first. Then something like ten minutes later, the screen begins to boot and the sleep indicator light blinks... then it failed and all went dark. It's been pretty much dead ever since.

What I want to know is, is this a battery issue or something far more serious? I'm really freaked out, as I'm about as broke as you can get right now. I can't afford to fix my glasses, much less my computer...

Any help would be grand.

~ Cóz
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Question, do you get a boot chime at any point? When you say the screen starts to boot, are you getting to a gray screen (with or without apple logo), or is it black the entire time?

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