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I work at the best hotel in my city here in austria. Next week we are celebrating our

200th anniversaryand are going to have some live music in the lobby of our hotel.


We would like to stream the music and eventually a speech from the lobby to our

café/restaurant (maybe 20 -30 meters without any significant objects between the

two locations but three corners) That being so i'm quite sure the wifi connection between

the two would be quite adequate for surfing/music streaming via iTunes/airplay etc. .


My question: Is there any way to stream the audio live from an external source (chinch L+R)

from the lobby via an Airport Extreme to the Airport Express in the café/restaurant to play

it on the sound system there? (Again chinch L+R)

As far as I could find out there isn't a solution from apple for this task. I own an 2007 TC

and am considering to buy an new TC or Airp.Extreme in the near future anyway.

So if the above mentioned setup works in some way I would buy the Airp.Extreme right now

and the Airp.Express just for this event. (maybe the previous gen. Model? because it would be quite handy for traveling..?

any arguments against that? eg.:with the newer model being faster ?? )


I'm very glad for any kind of input on this matter because I just spent about an

hour searching for a solution for my problem on the internet. Laying a cable

straight through the lobby with all the people running around just isn't a real

option for me with our hotel being quite a nice location with a hard earned reputation a stake.


Regards, marku5