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You'd have to be the definition of completely clueless to think the 5C is "just for China". 

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Originally Posted by Michael Scrip View Post

Just curious... what kinds of phones do people buy on China Mobile?
What I'm asking is... how many of those 700 million China Mobile subscribers buy phones at $400+ ?

138 million China Mobile subscribers use 3G right now. These are the potential iPhone buyers.

This compares to

  China Telecom 100 mln 3G subscribers

  China Unicom 87 mln 3G subscribers

(All numbers from end of June; over 15 mln 3G subsribers are added each month; source: Reuters).

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Originally Posted by alcstarheel View Post

Cook would have to be there wouldn't he? If it's that big of a deal. Flights to Beijing from San Fran would take at least 12 hours. Unless he's borrowing one of Ellison's jets and leaving the US event early (former not likely, latter more likely than the former) he's not going to be there in person in China. Maybe he's going to do the China event via FaceTime 1wink.gif
I am sorta surprised to hear that apple (such a large company) does not own a private event. If he was to do a FaceTime, probably annocened new features while doing them (keynote, automatic voice translator) but it is always a wonder.
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Originally Posted by EricTheHalfBee View Post

I have a feeling the iPhone's 5 million in 3 days record is going to get smashed this year.

The biggest problem Apple will have this fall is how fast can they manufacture devices to meet demand. Monster holiday quarter coming right up.
How cool would it be if Apple said the 5C was available for purchase that day with the 5S following a week later?
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Originally Posted by Conrail View Post

It's an emerging market.


Besides, isn't capitalism the best way to defeat communism?

I'm not against Apple making a go of it over there, they just have to keep things in perspective that's all.

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Originally Posted by TheDBA View Post

How huge? China Mobile = 700 million subscribers. Just 5% of that = 35 million or just one quarter of iPhone sales worldwide.

Like I said before, one reason Samsung "ships" more phones, is because they have deals with  many more carriers worldwide than Apple does. In fact Apple is near to non-existent in India, which happens to be the world's second most populus nation with a rapidly growing middle-class.

forgive me for not mentioning India, yes...absolutely correct there!  The iPhone 5C will be huge there too...At least Apple can hope.  I guess we will find out after 3rd and 4th quarter numbers are in.  The true test for Apple in those markets will be how they react to price.  Since most non-western countries don't do subsidized plans, pricing options will be crucial to the 5C success.  I still think $399 is a really tough price even in those markets.  However, when I'm in China (45-50%) of the year, I see a LOT of Samsung phone, specifically the Galaxy "S" series.  And mostly phone with larger-than 4" screens.  So I just hope Apple is banking on the price and Brand will be the draw.  I just don't see it.  Even the die-hard Apple fans there will eventually switch if they feel screen-size trumps brand or quality.  Specifically the Chinese market is very much that mind-set.  I can't speak for other Eastern Markets as well.  In my observations, value its the top-importance next to brand and usability.  If they can get a 5"-6" phone for 1/2 the price of and iPhone, they'll do it.  So this China appearance is not-surprisingly a very huge deal for both China and Apple.  Market demand can shift on a dime in countries of with subscriber pools that large.

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Originally Posted by blackbook View Post

The China event will probably be exactly the same as the US event.

Meaning Apple will launch 5S, 5C, Apple TV as well as announce a China Mobile and likely DoMoCo deal at the US event. Then hours later at the China event, the same products will be announced and then officials from China Mobile will be there at the China event to talk the details about their new deal with Apple and what that means for consumers there. Likely details we Americans won't care about hence why there will be separate events.

American stockholder will do care.
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