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Wow. I'm curious to see what the second generation of that watch looks like once they have a chance to copy* Apple since this first gen product is pretty hideous.



* Sorry, I mean that whatever Apple ends up doing will be the new "obvious" thing, so then it isn't copying as far as Android/Samsung fanboys are concerned.

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That watch looks like a brick on a wrist! All the industrial design, fine art schools all over the place, is there only 1 Johnny Ive in this world?
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Originally Posted by IQatEdo View Post


People care about their health. No more so than those who exercise or play sports. This is a large sector of most communities. A watch-like device is very, very convenient under these circumstances for quickly viewing whatever parameters are displayed. Useful parameters such as heart rate, speed, power output, distance covered, time, cadence, location, interval performance and management, blood oxygen and lactic acid levels during exercise, blood glucose levels, body temperature, predicted performance at current rates etc, require sensory input. Apple has displayed an interest in this field, such as seen in the alliance with Nike. Therefore, it seems that if Apple is interested in wearable computing that any device be capable of interrogating the body or convenient sensors. Remote methods of determining valuable parameters have been studied for some time, such as here - http://spie.org/x48866.xml. (The speckle technique discussed here is interesting, as Apple's mouse would employ laser speckle to determine movement.) It is conceivable that a wearable Apple device could therefore be capable of determining some parameters quite independently and either display these or send the data to an iPhone for further action such as alerting the wearer (or medical service) to possible harm. (Interestingly, differential measures show promise in better predicting the onset of a potentially harmful condition - http://www.health.harvard.edu/blog/different-blood-pressure-in-right-and-left-arms-could-signal-trouble-201202014174. Perhaps Apple could release dual, networked, wearable devices lol.)


If Apple were to release an iWatch, it would provide greater functionality than currently available devices, hopefully preparing a new chapter in biometrics and personal, health and fitness networking even if relying on a iPhone for some of the processing or communications tasks. Great opportunities present for Apple that Samesung's announcement hasn't sullied.


All the best.

How big is this population who buy these kinds of device. I do not have the figure in front of me, however, I am fairly confident that this group is small as compared to the overall population who buy things. Apple has shown they are not going after niche markets with their products, they will let other company make product for these niche markets.


I like how people think just because they will buy it make it a good idea for a company to waste resources on it. 

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Originally Posted by mstone View Post

Well I guess it is appropriate to have them misaligned if the torque being correct is the more important factor. For example in cabinetry it looks nice having them align but that means all the screws are either over tightened or loosened to some degree up to 90°. In the case of antique fire arms when the esthetics require the slots to align, what some would do is tighten them to the proper torque and then mark the desired alignment. Then remove the screw, weld up the slot finish the head smooth and recut the slot at the desired angle. I suppose there is a case to be made for both scenarios as mentioned previously 

And that cites a case where attention to detail is exercised and appreciated.

In the modern world, during case design, the gauge and pitch of each screw and thread is determined, an appropriate hole depth is figured, and the engineering team then proceeds to develop machining specifications such that three and one quarter turns from entry will align the slotted head at a 90 degree angle across the face of the instrument as viewed by the user. A builder only does that if he cares about such things, or cares to reach the one person in five who will notice.

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Originally Posted by Right_said_fred View Post

could not resist - gushing video - but look how sluggish it is -



This has to be one of the worst UIs I've seen, especially when the context of usage is considered.  If this watch is meant to work along with a phone, then it should allow really fast access to the desired app/data.  Between this video, CNN's review, and Gizmodo's, it seems that there is a pretty consistent awkwardness to navigating.  The user is forced into hierarchical navigation, which seems to suck if your target app is last in the list.


An approximate quote from the YT video:


"The gestures work really well. If you swipe down you go to the dialer.  Going up—I should say—swiping down to go up will take you back..."


Simple, just swipe down to go up to go back.  That's all.

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@maestro64 - You might be spot on with your theory. On a similar note, what Apple might be calling the iWatch could be indeed a wrist device, but with an angle no one has ever thought of before. To use the iPad as an example again, I recall that when everyone was waiting for it to be announced, most consumers seemed to be expecting something akin to the old Windows tablets, with maybe a stylus and some full-blown version of OS X. Instead, they took the idea of a portable computer or "slate" and spun it in a completely new way, thereby creating a new product category. Right now, I think that Samsung is simply trying to beat Apple to the finish line in order to promote the idea that they are innovators as well. But if I know Apple, they've most likely gone off in a different direction altogether with this would-be product, which probably means that the finish line isn't anywhere near where Samsung and the rest of the world thinks it is.
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Originally Posted by gwmac View Post

One thing Samsung got right on the Note 3 and the GS4 is increasing the display size while keeping the actual phone about the same size. The forehead and the chin areas of the iPhone takes up a lot of space. The iconic home button will likely remain circular instead of oblong so not much they can do to reduce the footprint of the chin area but surely they could reduce the forehead area. Right now I am debating whether to get the Note 3 or iPhone 5S. I really want the larger display that will be easier on my eyes but also prefer iOS and would have problems not being able to transfer certain apps over. I will decide once both have been released and I can compare in person. I am just so tired of this tiny screen even though I love everything else. 

Here is a 4.5" rendering of an iPhone that would be not much larger than the current iPhone 5. Just a tad wider.

I'm trying to decipher your comment. You're complaining that the small phone is too big but you are thinking of buying a much bigger phone?

I like your pics but there is so much more in the equation.

The forehead and chin exist for several reasons. The forehead contains a camera, speaker and ambient light sensor. The chin contains speakers?, microphone, and the home button (one of the most used parts of the iPhone so we can't change that as you agree.

Proportionally, the forehead and chin "look" bigger on the iPhone than on the big phones. Are they really bigger, IDK, I never measured.

Lets look at the science.

Reducing the size of the speakers or microphone reduces the audio quality given the current technology. They work on the same science/physics/math.

There's a lot of tech stuffed into every smartphone. Which dimension should be compromised? It seems most smartphone manufacturers prioritize width and thickness rather than length. With that, and the need for cameras, ear speakers, and ambient light sensors, the forehead and chin are the areas of compromise.

Your pics demonstrated an aesthetic without revealing the true (not relative) dimensions which is misleading.

Now lets talk aesthetics....symmetry.....

Getting rid of the forehead, beside all of the tech compromises would be aesthetically and symmetrically unpleasing.

The Samsung phones in your post are symmetric. Every feature phone and smartphone I have ever owned and all the best sellers of all companies have been symmetric. The keypad size equalled or roughly equalled the size of the screen. I saw this on many Nokias, Moto's, etc, both on flip and non flip. The most popular Blackberry's were the "chubby" ones were the keyboard size roughly equalled the screen size.

EDIT before posting...
Maybe I misinterpreted your POV?
I'm still posting bc I still back my declarations.
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Originally Posted by hill60 View Post

No, no, no, Microsoft used "Where would you like to go today?", Samsung is using "What would you like to do?".

Obviously Samsung is completely different.

They're "Thinkingly Different".

Vote for Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho 2016!


Proud AAPL stock owner.




Vote for Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho 2016!


Proud AAPL stock owner.



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Originally Posted by Spacepower View Post
I'm trying to decipher your comment. Maybe I misinterpreted your POV?


Nah, it's just gwmac.

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Originally Posted by Tallest Skil View Post

Okay, now who cares? It's one thing to report online, "Oh, also, Samsung released such and such product, yada yada…" But actually wasting time to go to the thing?


See you sued out of business.


Sadly, no matter how much the majority of us that want that, its not likely to ever happen without the assistance of a Genie and a Magic Lamp.

Always happy to debate an issue with anyone. Once it turns into name calling, I am out of there. 
Always happy to debate an issue with anyone. Once it turns into name calling, I am out of there. 
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Originally Posted by Bondm16 View Post

Sadly, no matter how much the majority of us that want that, its not likely to ever happen without the assistance of a Genie and a Magic Lamp.


Well RIM, they had some forty models
Android whored itself a thousand times
But fanboys, you're in luck 'cause up your sleeves
You have an RDF that is sublime
You got some power in your iPad now
Some Wi-Fi ac all up in your phone
You got some Maps, Siri, Yahoo! (not Google)
See all you gotta do is bite that Apple
And I'll say

Mister Mac Fanboy, sir
What will your pleasure be?
Let me tell you what you
Really want
You never had a CEO like me
No no no


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