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What type of drive is it

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My External drive just failed and I would like to reuse the case but I can't determine with all the choices what type of drive this is,,,I have googled and googled:) looking for a reference picture( found one) but it doesn't say what type.

The drive itself doesn't say on it either if it is SATA or ATA or ...

It is a old case( relative) but has S400,S800 and USB 2.0 so I figured it isn't too old for continued use.





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ATA. Big ol' plug gives it away, and then 4-pin Molex for power.

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thanks Tallest Skil


I have a tendency to ignore the guts of what I use daily

I am looking to put a 3TB  in as a replacement...7200 rpm preferred ....most I see are SATA..connection O so different...is it even possible or do I have to reduce to 5400 RPM

I have been googling again:)

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If the internal case of the external drive only has ATA connectors, nothing you get would be compatible. They stopped making ATA drives a long time ago, and I think the largest ever made was under a terabyte.


You'd be better served starting from scratch with a simple new external case. I think WD does a 3TB for under $100 now… Ah, $102.

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thanks again....I saw some on amazon at very good prices. The drive that died was 250Gig and the connections are hardwired so I guess as replacement is in order



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You can get 750GB PATA drives:


but there's not much point when SATA drives are faster and cheaper. You can even get portable bus-powered drives cheap:


1TB for $60 and no power adaptors needed.
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