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As of September 9th,iOS search interface only searches iPhone as prioritized in the spotlight. This makes us to open the various applications like Maps to search with in those applications.

When we swipe down, the only option is 'Text input" to search iPhone based on spotlight search.

Hope we will see the following improvement as reported in the bug tracker.

Suggestion: iOS 7 universal search  

If we make following changes, I think it will enhance search UI significantly by using available screen space and may be make it better than Google search on android phones.

1. Add "Siri" and "Camera" to the search bar.

2. Change first row of icons under the search field to "Web", "Map", "iTunes U" and "iTunes or App Store"

3. Give users ability to configure second and third rows of 4 or 8 icons to search any third party or enterprise data sources/apps.

This helps us all to search for universal data from an unified search screen by the third touch.