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help cant access certain websites

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I just got my mac laptop but im new to this i have always had microsoft laptops but i been having some issues that i really dont know how to resolve my boyfriend goes to his job website to try to do his training and it wont let him access it and my brother has been trying to access his online classes for school and he clicks on it and it keeps redirecting him to the same page his in how do i solve the problem please help! my boyfriend says that its because alot of programs fuction with windows but to me it sounds like it dont make sense please let me know if anyone can. just join a few minutes ago im not spammer just trying to get answers

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A browser's just a stinking browser - it displays HTML.

There may be some plugins or add ons required but the fact that you can get to the pages required tells me that something may be missing.

In your boyfriends case - is his work stuff being dished up by a Citrix server ? If so then you need Citrix Receiver free.
In your brothers case - Im not aware of any Windows centric login that precludes access from a Mac.
My kids access their school websites from iPads. Not an issue. Hell even their teachers have all changed over to Macs.
( I only say windows centric because many of the IT genius's out there are windows guys. Many of whom STILL don't want to know about Mac OS. The morons)

More detail required from you and from the boys.
There should not be any issue here.
That said, some websites have been designed for a more open source approach and might require a different browser to load a specific plugin/addon. Typically Firefox seems to be the alternative browser of choice - even on Windows.

edit: oh wait - I really don't want to say this but ... it may be that you need to install Chrome for your bf.
Google is not your friend (TM)
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