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Ipad receives mail but won't send.

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My Ipad will receive email quickly whether it's on Wi-Fi or 3G, but won't send email anywhere, anytime.  I often get the message that it is sending my outbound messages but it never actually does - they just remain in the outbox.  Any ideas?

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Check that your SMTP server settings are correct. There's a guide here on where to find the settings:


You will likely have a server already setup so you don't need to add one but check the authentication settings are correct. You may need to use a different mail server address for SSL if your mail server is on a shared server.
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Hi Peter
I am having exactly the same problem. How did you resolve it?
any advice would be much appreciated!
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Hi, I have just gotten my ipad to send email again after struggling for weeks and trying all the online suggestions for this apparently chronic Apple problem. My iphone was working and sending email, so I used the same outgoing email port number from my iphone (465) on the ipad (which was using port 46) and voila, it sent an email. My ipad had been working just fine and it suddenly stopped sending email a couple of months ago. Why can't Apple get this fixed? I've seen complaints about this same issue going back to 2011. Thought I would share this in case it helps someone else.
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The iPad and iPhone email account settings has a general password that does not cover outgoing mail. Click on the outgoing SMTP server. There is a password there. Changing that password fixed the problem for me.
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This guy is exactly correct! I tried a few other suggestions but it was my Outgoing SMTP password that was never changed since I changed my email password a year ago. Go to Settings; then Email; then Outgoing Mail Server; click on SMTP; then click Primary Server to open and get to you're password; then change your password to match your email access password. VOILA!
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