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Updated to iOS 7 - suddenly I have 2,923 unread emails and 3G issues!!

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Hi guys/girls,


Firstly let me say that I'm loving the new iOS 7 - simply stunning!


I am having having a few issues though:


1) I suddenly have 2.923 unread emails! 


I have three email accounts on my iPhone - iCloud, Hotmail and one for my website (halabalu).


My iPhone seems to think that my halabalu emails haven't been read but when I go into the Mail app, they have been read! Very strange...


2) Earlier this morning my iPhone was shown to be connected to O2's 3G network even though I turned it off in the Settings menu


Again this is very strange! The reason I usually turn it off is that it drains battery. I only turn it on when really needed....


Anyone else having such issues?





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Nevermind - fixed the email issue...

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I've been trying to solve this problem (on both my iPhone and iPad) since I upgraded to ios 7. Can you tell me how you fixed the problem? Thanks.

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1) Go to your Mail app

2) Under the Mailboxes section at the top of the screen select the email account that is causing you issues

3) Select the Edit button at the top-right corner of the screen

4) At the bottom-left of the screen select the Mark All button

5) Select the Mark as Read option that appears


This will mark the selected emails as read. Because I had over 2,000 unread emails, I had to repeat steps 3-5 about 8 times!!


Let me know if this helps - or if you need any further assistance :) 

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Thanks - that worked! As you said, I had to repeat many, many times since I had close to 4000 e-mails. Even Apple Support was not able to suggest this solution. Thanks again!

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Glad I could help :)


Wow - 4000 emails!! :wow:


Maybe I should print out this thread and send to Apple to blag myself a job as an Apple Genius.... :lol: 

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Do it! Nothing to lose, and everything to gain ...Thanks again.

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My Mother's IPad 3 is showing over a billion unread emails after upgrading to IOS7. She always deletes messages once she has dealt with them. It is a BigPond email account. Any suggestions?



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Originally Posted by mareegar View Post

My Mother's IPad 3 is showing over a billion unread emails after upgrading to IOS7. She always deletes messages once she has dealt with them. It is a BigPond email account. Any suggestions?





Over a billion emails!!  :wow:


To be honest, the only solution I can think of is the steps I've described above. 


If I can find another solution then I'll let you know but I'm not too confident...


Hopefully someone else may have a quicker solution and will reply here :) 

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I also had over 2 billion emails suddenly unread. I followed the steps from earlier in this thread and only had to do it once and the indicator that 2 billion were unread went away. Go figure.....

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My edit button doesn't highlight so I can't use it
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I have the same problem as well.. Usually Mail tells me I have 3,700+ unread emails, but sometimes it changes to 900 unread, 600 unread, 4 unread?? And then sometimes it says I have no unread messages at all (which is what is should be), and then 30 minutes later it's back to some absurd number. I have tried marking all as unread in the mail edit function as described above multiple times, and it does nothing. I've also marked all my messages as read in my email server itself on my laptop at home, also no luck. No idea how to fix this...

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Your edit button will be highlighted when you have a message you haven't opened. If you don't have an unread message send yourself one if you have an empty mail box you need at least one to make this work. Then do as MoXon describes. Worked for me after I had 218 sitting in my mail even though I had deleted them all from my in box, sent box and trash box.
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Well what do you know!!!!   This works!

On my iPad I had 18,449 unread messages in two Pop accounts. All the answers to this problem on Google -- except yours -- said you were out of luck if you had a Pop account, it had to be iMAP (like AOL or other big ones)  or there was no solution. 

But lo and behold, hitting "edit" in the inbox and then mark all/mark as read  , removed the annoying 18,449 number. Now all you have to do is mark new spam read and move it to Junk. 

Thank you!!!!

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Glad I could be of use 1biggrin.gif
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MoXoM.. awesome advice.. I too had close to 3000 emails but my gmail account only has 98 when I pull it up on my work PC.  It's great I don't see that number there anymore but you would think with this hi-tech phone, there would be an easier way now to get the emails off completely..  Their unread but still in your box just not showing on your mailbox ICON.. . Would love an easy way to junk all the mail...takes a long time to mark each one and Junk.. Thanks for your help..

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I managed to get all my unread emails in GMAIL to be marked as READ, however, it won't work on my iPhone5 IOS 7.0.6

I followed the exact instructions: EDIT, select first email box, MARK and hold down MARK while deselecting the first email box and then the next and only option I have is MARK ALL.  Then the only choice I'm given is FLAG, MARK AS UNREAD and CANCEL

Aaargh!   I've tried this so many times and no luck.   I have not seen the MARK AS READ.  Any suggestions?

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If you youtube "How to mark my emails as READ on iPhone"  you will see a very easy demo.

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1hmm.gif Yes me too! I have almost 4,000 and I can't get to them to delete. Did you find an answer?
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A new twist ?? I have over 1000 emails in my inbox (according to my email icon) ...even says so at the bottome of my inbox column, ......however....they are invisible. No messages appear in the inbox for me to even attempt to delete...... MamaMia.
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I have the same problem. Please post if you find solution!
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Thank you so much for this !! You saved a tiny little bit of my sanity ( the rest has already been lost!!)
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Once you go to mail app, click the edit button next to "mailboxes" and click the unread button. This will add a tab in which you can view all unread messages. Then, keep refreshing. This worked for me.. I had 2 invisible unread emails that went away after I did this. Hope it works for you @LittleTimmy and @Abstract668
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  Mine shows over 20,000 emails & your suggestions isn't working.  Every time I do it they just come back.

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Every time you update OS it changes your mail settings.
Go to


Click on whoever your mail carrier is

Scroll down to advanced . Click on.
click on "Delete from server"
Choose . "When removed from inbox"
Problem solved.
Unfortunately you have to go back and delete all those old emails(

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Thank you this worked for me too 1wink.gif
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Thnak you so much! I've been having these unread messages for weeks and says downloading 1 of 38 for a couple weeks now. I followed your steps and its all gone! :D




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I have the some problem, I would like to get rid of them.

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I'm recently having the same damn problems with only my hotmail accounts and I've not upgraded my phone yet to IOS8. I go into the account and click all as read then delete the ones I don't want but low and behold when it tries to receive my emails they all download again even the ones I've deleted. It's getting really frustrating. In my settings I do have the move the deleted messages after one week as well as delete from server once deleted - what else can I do?? I don't have enough space to download IOS8 just yet so not sure of this problem would be fixed?
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Worked for me thank you
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Hello, I've been following this forum, thought I had the same problem, but apparently not.  All of a sudden my Mail App says I have 1321 emails.  However, if I go into  the Mail App, highlight the email (Comcast) , the edit button in the upper right hand corner is greyed out because it says I have NO mail.  While typing this I received another email, now 1322, I deleted the new email and it went back to 1321 but I can't get rid of those.   So frustrated, any ideas? 

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Same problem with me - they go, then after a few hours (or sometimes minutes) they are redownloaded - AND - it uses up my data allowance, so is costing me. It didn't do it until this month, and I didn't change anything. I use a BT pop3 server, and there is no mail on it, as it clears once I've downloaded the mail on my mac, just my phone keeps recovering them from somewhere, and I cannot find out where. cloud and gmail accounts are turned off on the phone for mail - I cannot see where these messages are coming from. while typing this, all of todays and yesterdays mails are back in the inbox - which was empty ten minutes ago! Driving me mad!

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After all of these tips failed for me, I finally managed to sort it out. As none of the emails were showing on my iPhone mail account even though it said 3000+ unread emails, I managed to log into my mail server on the computer and move all my inbox mails to a new notes folder names old messages (create one) You either delete all the messages off the server (which i didn't want to do) or move them to a notes tab - so if I ever need to see any of them again I can :) Your welcome!

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Issue was reported with a couple of fixes here: Fix The Unread Email Count Issue in Mail App

Check out iOS 9 News for more of iOS 9.
Check out iOS 9 News for more of iOS 9.
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Hi All


The happen to me too.

I both have a IMAP and a POP Gmail. 

I just enabled on my MAC the Gmail pop see again and my 4,984,987 mails unread disappear.


Solution that worked for me is in the mail program on your MAC computer you "right" click to edit your Gmail mail acounts.

If you only have a pop gmail you need to add the IMAP too. As soon I " Enable this account" on my IMAP Gmail all the unread mails disappeared.


Remember this is done on your MAC and not on your phone.

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