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My Latest Gen MacBook Pro Retina 13"

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Hi Everyone -


I would really value your opinion on the following:


I own the latest generation Apple MacBook Pro 13" Retina with 8GB RAM and a 768GB SSD. It is the 2.9GHz model (I purchased it last year.. apple since then upgraded the 2.9GHz to a 3.0GHz). Okay so, this MacBook Pro is brand new (sealed in plastic and everything).. and I am trying to sell it (since I cannot return it at the store). Tell me what you think.. and if I am being too greedy?


So the MacBook Pro retailed (and I purchased it at the store) for $3,700. I have been attempting to sell it for $2,875. So thats about a $800 discount (including the apple care). Does this sound reasonable? I was considering the fact that there IS a "better" version of it out, but its only 1GHz? Also the chassis/style of the MacBook is the exact same. The only revision from 2012-2013 was slightly upgraded internals. So I did keep this in mind.


What do you think I should try to sell it for? And why? I recently set the reserve price for it to $2,400 but it never even got close to that. Do you think I should let this laptop go for much less than that? I would really appreciate everyones opinion on this.


(Note: This item is not for sale to any forum members. I am seeking advice only on the best price strategy in attempt to sell it elsewhere).


Thanks in advance guys.


- avlnch490

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I think a good rule of thumb is to go with a 25% yearly depreciation rate so $3700 x 0.75 = $2775. But there are a number of factors to take into account. You are competing with Apple refurbs, which can be extended to 3 year warranties. Here is a quad-i7 15" Retina with 768GB SSD, 16GB RAM for $2619:


On eBay, a 13" recently sold with AppleCare for $2225:


It has a smaller SSD but is the 3GHz model. The problem when you buy Apple's BTO upgrades is they mark them up so much and people don't want to pay that premium in a used model.

Having a high reserve is not a good idea because that puts people off bidding. If you want to make sure you will get a reasonable price, just use Buy It Now or Best Offer and people will tell you what they are prepared to go to. Given that $2619 is for a machine above your model and $2225 is below, I reckon you should aim somewhere in between. Start with $2499-2599 Buy It Now or Best Offer and run it for 3 days and see what people offer you.

Also, are you selling in anticipation of new models on October 15th?
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