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Apple confirms iOS 7 causing iMessage issues, says fix is in the works - Page 2

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2 of my messages have been trying to send for 3 days now, lol... And it won't send them as text. Works fine on my ipad though
Mac user since 1992
Mac user since 1992
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Originally Posted by Suddenly Newton View Post



7.0.0  Gold Master

7.0.1  5S and 5C to update from pre-release of Gold Master

7.0.2  We all got a week ago or so to fix lock screen

7.0.3  Next minor update fix iMessage and other small items

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Since upgrading my iPhone 4 to iOS 7.0.2 I can send I a few iMessages, I will hit send and message will be in sending mode never completing. I send as text and it transmits immediately. I also lost my note in notes app. Also both the iPhone and my iPad mini will not automatically connect to wifi.
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mine iphone 4 working so good with ios 7
the only download maneger makes problem a bit
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Originally Posted by sflocal View Post



Really?  Every iOS7 user I know is not having these issues.  Could be a fraction of users, could be more.  Can't determine based on just your test pool.


Well, its most of my friends and colleagues.  All on iOS7 on 4, 4S and 5 - thirty people, all experiencing. Don't know anyone on iOS7 without these issues, Apple have admitted the issue.  It's more than "a fraction of a percent"...

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Originally Posted by tenly View Post

Unless you know more than 2 million IOS users, your comment is anecdotal and worthless.

Originally Posted by nkhm View Post

Well, its most of my friends and colleagues.  All on iOS7 on 4, 4S and 5 - thirty people, all experiencing. Don't know anyone on iOS7 without these issues, Apple have admitted the issue.  It's more than "a fraction of a percent"...

Someone grab a Bayesian calculator. What are the odds of finding 30 people (close to 100% of sample) having a problem if the "prior probability" is < 1%?

Low I would imagine.
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echo's sflocal:

EVERYONE I know running IOS 7.0.2 has lost iMessage capability since Oct 5th. Various workarounds are in play and without a clear explanation of the bug in 7.0.2, it's very hard to focus on one fix. Resetting Network is a sledge hammer fix, just short of a total restore from backup.

The fix posted in this article did not work for me, either.

Problem reoccurs randomly after reseting iCloud service (toggled on/off), as well.

SMS text seems to work, but iMessages are not reliable enough to depend on. I'm back to using email or the phone for important meetings and status updates.
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I agree.  I have a MacBook Pro on Mt Lion, an iPad on 7.0.2 and two iPhone 4S on 7.0.2.

All experienced iMessage failures at the same time, Oct 5th.

Everyone in the hotel I was in arrived at breakfast with the same complaint (iPhone 4S or 5).

All of them were running 7.0.2 because they are used to keeping their software up to date.


It's way more than a tiny fraction of users - Apple usually doesn't tell such outright lies!

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I spent almost 3 hours last night with AT&T mobile customer support representatives, including a manager, with no resolution of the problem. The best that a manager could say was that I would be contacted in 3 to 5 business days. What a total waste of my time.


The specifics of my problem  is sending a text message to a non-iPhone.  We have changed every setting, rebooted multiple times, I even had to upgrade from 7.02 to 7.04 on the phone with AT&T before they would even deign to open a case number. It may be an aside, but I am getting sick and tired of AT&T pointing the finger at Apple and Apple ignoring the problem.


Unless this is fixed promptly,  by someone at either AT&T or Apple, I am ditching both of them when my contract is up. That's hard to say since I still after 25 years, I still have a landline with AT&T and DSL service as well as multiple iPhones (all of which experienced the problem described above).


At least AT&T has  support representatives in the United States. The only problem is that they are not trained to solve any kind of problem..

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I'm sorry to hear this problem continues.


I have since upgrade to 7.0.3 and then 7.0.4, however, the problem stopped, even while I was still running 7.0.2, at least from one iPhone to my wife's.   I think that some of the preferences are getting screwed up, so the solution that finally seems to have worked for me, was to turn off all text messaging, reboot the iPhone, and then re-enable text messaging.


I also did the same thing with iCloud, which is syncs two iPhones, two iPads, and a Mac Book Pro (running Maverick 10.9).    


I have yet to find a better explanation, but new reports are not coming in, either.  So, my sense is that something has fixed the bug that caused the problem.


Please note that there are at least 3 different Texting modes:  SMS, MMS and iMessages (Apple version).  iPhone usually tries to use iMessages first, because it will take advantage of a local WiFi hub and it encourages you to send photos and you can share to a group.


iMessages have a blue background.   MMS will have a green background, if the phone reverts to that protocol.   If it steps down to SMS, it has a white or no background color.   You may only be able to send SMS when there is only a cell phone connection and not a local WiFi.    I would recommend turning on all of them, but some people end up paying for SMS texts, so they might not want to send or receive them.

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Thank you so much for the reply. For the time being, the fix has worked. I am still wondering why I spent over 4 1/2 hours with the "dunderheads" at AT&T with this problem.


Both AT&T and Apple need to have better communications with each other.  It is ridiculous for those of us who pay for the services of each (in another time. Known as "customers") to have to ferret out these problems in this manner. Either Apple and AT&T will figure this out or they will lose longtime standing loyal customers very soon, including myself.


Of course, I am somewhat hesitant to see if this fix is permanent. It's rather disconcerting when we, as customers, have to go through "voodoo" fixes  to ameliorate problems created by our vendors. It is even more exacerbating when both of the vendors above either remain clueless and non-responsive on finding a solution solution.


If I am to be a beta tester of software, I do not expect to have to pay for it!


I will report back here if the fix does not last.


Again, thank you for the post. it would've saved me over 4 1/2 hours of frustration dealing with a bunch of idiots at AT&T.


Update #1: Today, November 23, 2013, I received a call back from AT&T. I returned the call and was promptly connected to a person that turned out to be a "Tier 3" support person. In my mind, this is the first level that you will deal with someone who has a modicum of technical expertise.


Forget about the wasted 4 1/2 hours with Tier 1 and her "manager" out of Spokane ("Andrew"), who, in my opinion, was so aggressively obtuse and rule-oriented that I can only picture him functioning in an offshore call center in Bangladesh. Indeed, I feel he should be walled away from contact with any customer whom AT&T hopes to retain with such dismal service as he provided.


But flash forward to Saturday. A call back from what turned out to be Tier 3 (not customer support, but technical support -- there is a REAL difference).  For the first time in a long time, I dealt with the person who was both courteous and knowledgeable. By the time everything was said and done it took another hour and a half of time (bringing it to a total of over six hours of my time involved in solving  what was an AT&T problem with provisioning).


The ultimate solution was re-provisioning the mobile phones on my family plan at the group level for messaging. This is only something that AT&T can do themselves and when I changed from the unlimited messaging (which I always thought was a ripoff, much like the $.30 per message on the à la carte plan) to the à la carte plan, AT&T provisioned my phone at the mobile level and the same thing for my wife's phone. Apparently the rocket scientists at AT&T have problems with their systems. Once Tier 3 reprovisioning the messaging system correctly, it looks like things are  working properly – at least today.


Why this required six hours of my time for problem created by AT&T is still a mystery. It's not a good way to build customer loyalty.

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