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Has anyone had a gold iPhone 5s actually ship yet? - Page 4

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It will be longer than a month's wait.  42 days, to be approximate. 

The status updated.  It said it will ship Oct 22-Oct 24.  Says it will be delivered be Nov 1. :mad:

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Originally Posted by Peterican View Post

It will be longer than a month's wait.  42 days, to be approximate. 

The status updated.  It said it will ship Oct 22-Oct 24.  Says it will be delivered be Nov 1. :mad:

Just checked again.  Updated again. Now,  it says it will ship by October 18, and deliver on October 24.

A little better, I guess. :grumble:

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checking: I ordered verizon 16 GB gold on 9/27 3 PM.  My company placed an order for me using the business account. There is not way for me to track the order status.....when i called verizon they told its in back order stage and not yet processed. Did any one order using the verizon website close to 9/27?

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Shan, I ordered one gold and couple of Space greys on 9/30. My order status says, "ships by 11/11" That's it. I know if I had only ordered space greys they would have arrived, but they ship all your phones at once so until the gold comes in, they won't ship. Reading this and couple of other forums, it looks like people who ordered on the first day are just now getting theirs. Hope this helps

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GTTechie: I guess People ordered via Apple.com are getting their devices much sooner then those ordered via the cell phone carrier websites.....it look like that.


Are you able to see the status on the verizon website? please share me the link.

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Yeah Shan, it looks like everyone who ordered through Apple are getting theirs faster than ordering through a carrier. 


Here is the link I use to check the status

I just noticed that if we order through Verizon today, the ship date is same as ordering 2 weeks ago. 
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That's crap.....i wish i ordered via Apple.com

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If anyone really wants a gold iPhone you can check on apple online and go to in store pick up to see what stores in your area have them. If they have it you will have your phone the next day. I live in Miami Fl and 2 stores had them for pick up. I couldn't do an in store pick up because I went with the next plan with AT&T an apple does not offer that plan. They will only lock you in to a 2 year contract with your carrier. You have to cancel your old order befor you can place the new order. But don't cancel your order until you find out if apple has a store near you for in store pick up.
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For anyone; did Verizon (order place via verizon website) ship the iphone 5s earlier then the initial projection? 

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I ordered a 32GB Gold from the AT&T website on 9/20 at 6:46PM... It's said Preparing to Ship for two weeks now. My projected shipping dates are: 10/21-10/30.
Anyone receive theirs yet?
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I ordered a gold 32gb from the apple website for sprint. I ordered it at about 11 a.m.
It has finally been updated with the ship date of Oct. 24-28. And it should arrive by Nov. 4.
I'm a pretty big Apple fan, I have Apple computers, phone, iPads, iPods, etc. But, this whole phone thing has kind of disappointed me. I could understand if this was a pre-order, but having to wait almost 6 weeks after the launch date seems excessive. Especially if the money has already been taken out and my phone plan/bill shows that the new contract has started.

Just my little rant, here's to hoping everyone gets their phones ASAP. 1smile.gif
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Originally Posted by rosemj View Post

I ordered a gold 32gb on 20th September at a T-Mobile store - I was the first customer in line at 8 am. Today I got a shipped email, arriving on the 14th Oct. I'm very happy. Still, it took 21 days from purchase to shipping. I'm moving from Verizon to T-Mobile.

My husband ordered a T-Mobile slate grey 32gb on the 27th September from the Apple store and his arrived yesterday. He is already a T-Mobile customer.

My phone is on the UPS truck showing "out for delivery". So it will arrive sometime today. If it helps anyone, this was 24 days from order to delivery, through T-Mobile.
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iphones came available at both apple stores in Cbus so i cancelled my att order. turns out takes 24hrs to get my eligibility back. so its monday and all stock is gone. im not getting anything done until i have one in my hand. 

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very very disappointed at Apple for putting us off so long.  I think it will cost them in the long run.

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Originally Posted by msjaneoly View Post
very very disappointed at Apple for putting us off so long.  I think it will cost them in the long run.


You’re not being “put off”, and it won’t cost them.

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I ordered 2 gold 5S 16GB on October 4 via AT&T (walk in). They told me it would ship in 2-3 weeks which I think is a joke because my status on ATT's website is preparing to ship (11-13-13 to 12-03-13 ). irked.gif
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Originally Posted by Tallest Skil View Post


You’re not being “put off”, and it won’t cost them.

You may be right, but don't tell me how I feel!!!

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Mine shipped today FEDEX 10/14/2013 with VRZN EDGE...5S 32GB SPACE GREY....YEP! and kept the ole Unlimited Data...:)

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Originally Posted by msjaneoly View Post
You may be right, but don't tell me how I feel!!!


I did no such thing. I said you’re not being put off, not that you’re not put off. ‘Being’ here alluding to a state thereof, not an emotion.


That one took me a few seconds; we don’t really say “put off” (the emotion) around here. :lol: 

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Phone: 5s Space Grey 32 GB

Carrier: AT&T (locked)

Ordered from: Apple.com

Ordered: 10/4 9:05 am

Status changes:

10/9 Changed from Processing to Preparing for Shipment

10/9 Changed from Preparing for Shipment to Shipped

10/14 Delivery

Order time to Actual Delivery: 10 Days

Und auch keine Düsenflieger
Und auch keine Düsenflieger
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Apple iPhone 5S - 32GB - GOLD


Order Date: 09/30/2013


Shipping Status: Preparing to Ship


Shipping Date: 11/07/13 - 11/27/13


Note: Thanks for placing your order. We estimate your item will ship on or between the dates provided.



We'll just have to wait and see, but I am patiently waiting.  It's the price we pay for getting an 'exclusive' product like this soon after launch.  ;)   I'm sure we'll ALL be happy once we receive our products!  Next time we should all wait in line on release day but get there 2 days early and camp-out with our tents, cans of beans, and bottled water - then we'll get it immediately!  HAHA...  :D

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My status has changed from "ships in October" to "Ships October 24th-26th. Should arive by November 4th."

I origionaly ordered an Att gold 32gig 5s September 26th. I ordered directly from apple.
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I got my gold 64g 5s.

After receiving an e mail last week saying my phone would be shipped on between 10/24-10/28 and delivered on November 4, I checked http://iphone-check.herokuapp.com/?zip=80005&color=gold&provider=att and saw there were 64g gold 5s's in a store not too far away. I had to cancel my phone order wait a few minutes and try ordering from the store before they ran out, which I did, and voila, I have my new iPhone without having to wait any more ridiculous time. I LOVE it!!
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Sailorway-I used the same link to check stores in Albuquerque and found the 32G 5S was available in Gold for AT&T. I bit the bullet and cancelled my order online with Apple and waiting 5 excruciating minutes and was able to place my order once more online and it's now waiting for me when I get off work at my apple store. So excited!!

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i ordered a gold 64 5s through AT&T business on 9/21.  Was told it would ship between 10/21 and 10/30.  Last week the website said the same under "your order".  Today there are no dates of any kind indicated.  Not looking good.

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Verizon sold 3.8 million iphones in the 3rd quarter. Assuming most were 5s, we will have to wait a while. On a side note, Verizon wireless has 51% profit margin.




Ordered 5s (gold) Sep28th through phone, estimated ship date 11/11. 

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I checked again last night and my status was updated again to say it would ship between 10/21 and 10/30.  Then this morning I got an email from AT&T saying it has shipped and I will get it on Saturday.  YAHOO!

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I ordered my phone on 9/28 thru Att and I just got my e-mail sayin it was shipped today 10/17 And the tracking # says it's in Memphis TN. Finally!
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Verizon is killing me, I ordered mine on 9/29 through Verizon obviously and still no update. I got the following quote from Anandtech forum: "Order my Iphone 5 s 16 gb gold on oct3-13 from att website with shipping date and delivery 11/12 12/02
Just received an email two hours ago with with tracking number
I almost die could not believe my eyes
So it's in Texas now hoping for Friday delivery
Anyway I think that every one will get theirs earlier"


Verizon, I need my phone . My old (iphone 4) broke so for now I am using a flip phone. Not cool! Just ship the darn  thing already, please! lol

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GTTechie: i am in the same boat as you. Ordered 9/27 gold 16 GB. No update or anything i can't even look up my order online. When called customer service they told me the order will show-up only only when its ready for shipping. One customer rep told me their is no way it can be shipped earlier then 11/11. 

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Verizon had to carry over orders from end of Sep to October. 


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Shan, I think you saw the post on Verizon discussion board that they are finally starting to ship the gold phones. Looks like you're an active user there. I can't post there since I am switching from ATT to Verizon, I don't have a login info. Hopefully only one more week to wait, fingers crossed. 

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Finally got my gold 16gb AT&T iPhone! Ordered on 9/28 shipped on 10/17 and received on 10/19. Exactally 3 week on the dot I got it in my hands and I'm lovin it!! It said it was gonna ship between 11/6 to 11/26 but got it way sooner.
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Yah!!  Good to hear!! 

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It seems to me, that around 75% of the iPhone5s arrived in the #US today are gold versions. And all owners are quite happy to get it now ! 

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How do you know that? Is there any article about that?

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It seems the iPhone 5s is massively shipped the last two days in the US  –  even the gold version.

A good sign. Same in Japan. But in Germany are only very few customers who get it. Hope that will change in the next week(s). I wait since 30 days.

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i understand but how possible you could know that. I am curious. 

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I'm looking for the #iPhone5s, #arrived, #shipped and see the post of iPhone customers. Than you can count the numbers up to the percentage of the  numbers of everage social media users.

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Plus: almost 75% of the owners ar showing photos of their new iPhone (unpackaging) via twitter, instagram a.s.o. Rest is counting ;)

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