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Originally Posted by kfury77 View Post

Really wish that the iPad could take advantage of more keyboard shortcuts such as:

Ctrl C & Copy X: Copy and paste, Ctrl B: Bold etc for Emails

Arrow keys for scrolling up and down in Safari
Arrow keys for selecting emails in inbox, Enter key to select
Hold Escape for 1 second: Close current app

Hold Shift+Ctrl plus Left Arrow left: Previous app (multi-task switch)

Hold Shift+Ctrl plus Right Arrow left: Next app (multi-task switch)

As it stands right now, the keyboard is really only useful for typing when it could be used for so much more to make the iPad a more productive device.


Well, I agree with some of that, but the idea is to use your finger, after all. Scrolling is just dandy by finger.

But unless I'm missing something, I would like a way to move forwards and backwards character by character with a couple of keys. Originally, I thought the two arrow keys on the top left of the keyboard, above the keys would do that, but, of course, they don't. It's really awkward selecting a point in text when the text is small, as it is here when writing posts. So making corrections is more difficult than necessary. It would be much better to just tap near the character, and then use a key to get it where you want, just like on a regular keyboard.

I've always felt that it wasn't required to have a double width numbers key at the left bottom. I don't really understand that. It could have an additional key to the left of it. It would be great if it were a key that we could assign. In fact, I don't know why the space above the keys that's there now, with those two marginally useful arrow keys can't have the rest of it used for user assignable keys. I dislike needing to constantly hit the numbers keys to use something that I need often, like the $ sign, or the &, or most of all the @ key.
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Originally Posted by jragosta View Post

No. I want Apple to make a product that doesn't suck.

Funny you should say that, they just got us some Lenovo laptops at work - talk about sucks!!! The track pads are crap on these machines.

I don't know about Apples convertible intentions but they would be successful if they addressed the sucks issue seen in the Windows world. Personally if Apple where to offer an ARM based design I'd rather see it in the mold of an Mac Book AIR. That is a plain old laptop form factor targeting mobility. Oh it must run regular Mac OS with the same access we have now.

There has been much negativity about the performance of an A7 derived laptop but people need to realize that the current chip is targeting a cell phone. Up the clock rate and add more cores and you would get very good laptop performance. We don't know where the current design tops out at clock wise and adding more cores won't be a significant problem for the ARM cores. Apple could easily throw 4-6 more cores on to the A7 to effectively beat Intel in many apps, especially the heavily threaded apps. At this clock rate the cores would be far less than a watt each and likely would stay under a watt at 2GHz, so they would still beat Intel power wise. The cache would be a power problem but in the end I could see Apple with six to eight cores on the chip running at less than ten watts.

I don't know about you guys but a laptop that has eight cores and is less than ten watts of power is very appealing. Especially if I can leverage those cores with UNIX and things like XCode.
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Ah interesting. Just found out that iOS 7 added a bunch of new keyboard shortcuts:


There's also these from iOS 6:

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They might be working on a 12" design based on the latest rumor. Re-making the MBA since the MBP is achieving MBA-class lightness.

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