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Originally Posted by DESuserIGN View Post

Personally I feel the fool for having paid for them when they came out (Numbers, Pages, and Keynote.) They're not really even compatable with the OS X versions,[many basic features missing] much less with Microsoft or OpenOffice.
I assume these apps are more useable with the larger screen of the iPad, but Ive always wondered if the version running on iPads is more compatible with the OS X versions too. Otherwise I'm surprised anyone can use them. They've really been no use to me.

What was to be expected is the fact that ones finger is way bigger than the pointer of a mouse. Therefore the whole UI had been re-written and not every function has been carried over to iOS. I for one think this is completely logical, and never expected it would 'be the same' as on the desktop.

What does work though is opening and reading the files, and most 'light use' modifications I do are indeed being carried over to the desktop version. But yeah, compatibility is a stretchable word.
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Yeah Philboogie,

It's OK for light stuff.

What bothers me though is that I can't take a template from OS X over to my iDevice and enter data into it (in the field) and then bring it back to the Mac for heavy use. Many formulas, features, formatting etc. are not supported and can't be saved back to the cloud (or to the device) without tossing those unsupported features.


For example: I bought the apps thinking I could make a simple cost analysis tool in Numbers that I could put on my iPod touch and take to houses I am considering buying and fixing up for resale. I want to enter a few numbers and data into a spreadsheet (created on my Mac) on my iPt and see the results and a few graphs while I'm there in the field.  Nope!  Basically formulas and graphs don't move back and forth very well. I can't even properly view the the OS X document on the iPt. I tried authoring on iOS, but the iOS version is pretty limited. Frankly trying to complete information on exactly what is, and is not compatible between the two versions is a difficult task [I found information, it just wan't helpful or correct.]

Perhaps I could make my own app in Xtools, unfortunately I'm not that talented!

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I did read that graphs weren't working yet in iWork in iCloud, but ought to work when copying the document through iTunes onto your device. Which completely sucks, as this is a tedious thing to do, even if it's a one-time only thing. Not likely though.

Just did that actually. Crap experience, but gets the chart over.

There are other things coming to iWork in iCloud:

Coming soon in Numbers for iCloud beta
This release of Numbers for iCloud is a beta version. Therefore, certain features aren’t yet supported, including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Sending a link to a spreadsheet
  • Version history
  • Editing charts
  • Support for additional browsers
  • Printing

If your spreadsheet includes certain unsupported items—such as charts—those items remain intact when you open the spreadsheet in Numbers for iCloud beta. However, you can’t further edit those items until you download the spreadsheet to your computer or open it on your iOS device.

If your spreadsheet includes other unsupported items—such as table categories—content related to those items is removed when you open your spreadsheet in Numbers for iCloud beta. For more information, go to Opening iWork for iOS and iWork ’09 documents in iWork for iCloud beta.

Note: Numbers for iCloud beta can’t open password-protected spreadsheets. To open the spreadsheet in Numbers for iCloud beta, remove the spreadsheet’s password first.

To print a spreadsheet from Numbers for iCloud beta, download the spreadsheet to your computer first, then print it.

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I tried other things, but it just isn't a finished product yet. A simple drag-to-expand even craps out (and this was on the desktop!):

OT, but Bento is being killed and I have a couple of lists in there that won't sync over to iOS anymore, after upgrading to iOS7. I'm trying out FMP, but it's quite expensive and their syncing solution isn't great either. Ugh!
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