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Originally Posted by OtakuFlyer View Post

The 5c may not be a failure per se, but people were expecting competitive pricing for emerging markets, i.e. India, China. Personally I wish that I could just buy a phone outright and just pay for a simm card, I really do not see any consumer benefit with the American pricing model.

The advantage of the American pricing model is that psychologically, people are a lot more willing to pay $200 for a phone with a contract than $600 for a phone without a contract.    It's not like there's some phone company willing to give you a great deal if you bring your own phone.    They're all priced pretty much the same.    


Originally Posted by drew0020 View Post

The 5C is a pos. why anyone would care about $100 when they sign a 2 year $2,000 contract is something I will ever understand...

In typical (as of late) apple insider had yet another fan boy article for no apparent reason.

Because no one thinks that their contract is $2000.    If they thought about it that way, there would be a lot fewer people signing up for smartphone contracts.   They think of it as what it's going to cost them on the day they buy the phone and what is it going to cost them per month.    On the day they buy the phone, $100 looks a lot better than $200 to all but the rich.    And a lot of people, especially young people who are not geeks, prefer the look of the 5c.      Personally, I'd only go for the 5s if I were buying a phone now.   But since my iPhone5 will soon be only celebrating its first birthday, I'll be waiting for the iPhone 6 next year. 


As for the article, a "fanboy" article is one that doesn't have any facts in it.   This article has plenty of facts in it, something your final comment is without.   If you think it's a fanboy article, why don't you refute some of the facts expressed within it.   Did they get the numbers wrong?   Did they misquote any of the press articles?      

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The colors reek, the 5c looks like numerous other brands of colored phones previously available, and Apple's marketing demonstrates an embarrassingly patronizing bias toward its supposed poor and third world target customers... The fact Apple believed the 5c would work demonstrate how out of touch with reality Cook & Co are. 


Denial is a river AI!

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The Xbox as a brand has been very successful, rivaling Sony's PlayStation in terms of popularity and 3rd-party support. I have no idea what this author is talking about.
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Originally Posted by kwamayze View Post

If i remember correctly, there was a report the iPhone 5 was very had to make. I think Apple had to change the design, whilst keeping it interesting, of the iPhone 5c so as to allocate valuable resources to the 5s. Imagine producing the same aluminum case for the 5 and 5s. That would be really difficult to produce in huge numbers, i think

Exactly! I wonder why no journalist is looking at it from this angle

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Great article, DED, until the last sentence:

That makes it mysterious why analysts recommended such a strategy of failure for iPhone 5c, and why the media has largely joined them in protesting the success of the iPhone 5c for not doing what has been proven not to work.

(1) Either "makes it a mystery why" or "makes it mysterious that". But not as written.

(2) As written, "protesting the success of the iPhone 5c" does not mean what you think it means.  As a result, the sentence is incoherent. Think of a plaintiff protesting his innocence.

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Originally Posted by Corrections View Post


That’s a string of beliefs that are only possible to hold if you have incredibly credulity and want to think that Apple is teetering on the brink of failure in every respect. 


Don't make it personal. You come off wounded and petty, and you missed by a mile in any case.


Whether the 35% number is perfectly accurate or not, the 5s is selling better than expected and the 5c is selling worse. You don't need to get verification from Apple of exact production numbers because it's right there, black and white, clear as crystal, on their web page. 5s: 2-3 weeks. 5c: 24 hours.


Apple's intent was made perfectly clear as well: capture market share lost to the various iterations of the Android POS. This market is gigantic, and the 5c isn't filling it like they thought it would, or wanted it to. They gave it a shot, and it's not panning out as well as they had hoped. It happens. They should get kudos for making the attempt, but the lower output was predictable, and that's where Apple's failure lies. And not all failures are world-ending, so everybody relax.

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Of course the iPhone 5c sells less units than the iPhone 5S. That's a given.


No one ever expected the iPhone 4S to sell more units than the iPhone 5 after it was announced.


I, personally, like the iPhone 5c. One of the best things about the iPhone is how slim and sleek it is and adding a case to it just bulks it up. Now you can buy a durable, plastic, slim/sleek iPhone, no case necessary.

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Originally Posted by DroidFTW View Post




Saw that online, and, if I recall correctly, it even made it on the news here in Japan, though it could have been CNN or BBC where I saw it.


Your = the possessive of you, as in, "Your name is Tom, right?" or "What is your name?"


You're = a contraction of YOU + ARE as in, "You are right" --> "You're right."





Your = the possessive of you, as in, "Your name is Tom, right?" or "What is your name?"


You're = a contraction of YOU + ARE as in, "You are right" --> "You're right."



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For those of you calling this an Apple apologist crap article - are you also posting not the sites of the shitty inaccurate reporting from the sites DED lists here?

Didn't think so.

And for those wondering how so many reporters can all get the same things so wrong here is some food for thought for you.


Take close note towards the end where they are touting the release of some dairy product of some kind....1wink.gif
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The 5c's problem is that the media wrote the story beforehand that Apple made this device to win over the Asian markets. When Apple finally got around to releasing the 5c and it was clear that the 5c was really just the 5 in a cheap suit, but still at a (relatively) premium price, the media still assumed that it Apple's strategy to use this phone to win over the Asian markets. My takeaway (which I think is more accurate), is that Apple's strategy was to create a higher margin mid-range iPhone, instead of just selling the iPhone 5 with the same expensive body - as they would have in the past. In short, the 5c is about increasing profit for Apple, not about increasing market share. The media just totally blew the storyline, and, as usual, is too stubborn or lazy to adjust their storyline now that the actual facts have presented themselves.


Now, I do take issue with this AI article. Just because one journalist made a dumb comment comparing the 5c to the Surface, doesn't mean you should write a 5000 word column so that everyone knows the guy is an idiot. That's just excessive and makes AI seem thin-skinned.


Speaking of the Surface...the Surface is an awkward tablet device without a market, but, I gotta tell you, I was tooling around with the new Surface Pro 2 at Best Buy over the weekend and I was surprised. It still needs some refinement, but I think MS is actually on to something and I think Surface Pro-like "hybrids" will dominate the 10" form factor in the future, and could be a viable laptop replacement. Its main issue is that it's still awkward as a tablet, but in 1 to 3 years, it's size and weight should come down and make it viable as a tablet. Of course, I think Apple is taking notice, and I wouldn't be surprised if they turned the 11" Air into a hybrid device in the future. 

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Thanks for an excellent article about the continued herd-like idiocy of the financial press.
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Originally Posted by Lurky View Post


Now, I do take issue with this AI article. Just because one journalist made a dumb comment comparing the 5c to the Surface, doesn't mean you should write a 5000 word column so that everyone knows the guy is an idiot. That's just excessive and makes AI seem thin-skinned.




Its a good way to rally the troops and get them fired up against that lamestream media that is so biased against Apple.  Here is another article posted today by USA Today whose source ironacally was the Motley Fool- both of which DED slams in this article...



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with the amount of bad comments on this post people would have thought iphone 5c was a terrible phone yet a majority of you will have never held it never mind tried it for that matter,i for one currently own the green iphone 5c,last year i had the iphone 5 and before that i have an iphone 4s and i had a month trial of the iphone 5s and heres the comparison,the iphone 5s may be quicker by 2 seconds but whos paying for seconds? what the customers are paying for is the touch id and i found that after 2 weeks of putting this phone in a out of my pocket the touch id sensor stopped working it was unable to read my finger print and as of my uncle hes having the same problem,the iphone 5c on the other hand works perfectly,ive had this just under a month and i adore this phone its nothing like the iphones before it,its much more than that,its a beautifully designed smart phone outstanding protection,and works just as well as the iphone 5s minus the touch id which eventually doesnt work as a pose to been slightly scratched,is a brilliant phone and doesnt deserve all this slating,because for me its the best smart phone i have ever purchased out of the many,give this phone a chance it way look 'cheap' but it certainly doesnt run or feel cheap when used it does its job and is worth the month by far
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