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Hi. I'm looking for recommendations on a cheap, wifi router. Ideally, I want to pay $35 or less and a used router is fine.


I don't want to pay more because my needs are minimal. The only two computers/devices I own are an IMac (purchased in late 2007) and an IPod Touch 4G (purchased last year). Currently, my ethernet cable is hooked directly from my cable modem into the IMac, but I want to set up wifi so the IPod Touch is also connected to the internet.


My apartment is also small and so I won't be using the IPod Touch more than approximately ten or so feet from the router.


Last year, after I bought the IPod Touch, I bought a used, saucer-shaped Airport Extreme Base Station on ebay for cheap. It's model # M8799LL/A. It was so old that it didn't work with the latest version of Airport Utility (I am running Mountain Lion on my IMac). But I was able to download and install an older version of Airport Utility that did work with it.


I did get wifi working using that router. However, the wifi connection was not reliable. It would die, usually after a week or so, and I'd have to reset it and rerun Airport Utility. Finally, I got fed up and decided to abandon having a wifi network and I plugged the ethernet cable back into my IMac again.


However, I've decided to try again and find a better, but still inexpensive, router.  So, I'm looking for recommendations. I have seen some other Airport Extremes on ebay for around $30. Most of them in that price range seem to be model # MA073LLA, which may be the model that came out after the M8799LLA. Does anyone know if MA073LLA is more reliable than the older M8799LL/A?


I'm also considering getting a non-Apple router, but I know they aren't as easy to configure, since they won't work with Airport Utility. I am considering a Netgear N150 WNR1000, which is $30 new at Staples, and only $13 used/refurbished on ebay. But I looked through the PDF manual and setting it up seems confusing. And I've read mixed reviews of Netgear support, whom I might need to contact if I have trouble. 


So, I'm wondering if anyone here can provide some advice: should I get the slightly newer Airport Extreme? Should I buy the Netgear or is there another non-Apple router that makes more sense?