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Sync bug with iTunes on Mavericks

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hello, all of you,
First of all, I have done all the most recents updates on my Mac (MacBook Pro Retina 2012) ans my iDevices (iPhone 5 and iPad).
Everything is almost fine but a strange problem occurs when I synchronise my iDevices.
During the synchronization, everything goes normally, but at the very end of the sync, when the iTunes window that describes the sync process indicates "end of synchronization" (that before the updates was just short as an eye blink), now does not want to stop (endless)…
The only ways that can stop this - what I will call "bug" - is to eject the iDevice (using the "eject button" on itunes window) or quit iTunes and relaunch it.
I will add a few precisions :
– When this endless "end of synchronization" appears, the sync is - in fact - finished, and well done (all the items : photos, app. and so on) are normally transferred and the sync button on iTunes window is active (during the endless "end of synchronization") ! So I can do a new sync that momentary stops the "end of synchronization" display, that comes back ant the end of the new sync (difficult to explain, for a french guy like me !!!).
- This problem does not occur with a Wifi sync !
It look like a "kind of" cosmetic, harmless bug, but never knows ?
What do you thing of that ?
All the best…
And forgive my clumsy english (I'm french).

Here is a screenshot where you can see both "En on sync" and Sync button enabled !

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Hello I had the same issue.

Iphone 5 7.0.3 and mavericks just installed


Restoring the phone and reinstall of iTunes wasn't efficient.


I finally decided to call the Apple support


First they confirmed that many people experience the same issue

Second : The supervisor spent a lot of time with and tried to understand. and she finally could work through it and she gave me the solution


hope it will work for you :


The path to iTunes Music folder had been modified (maybe during 10.9 installation)

She told me to point on the Music folder again and rebuild the library....

And then : OK !


it synchronises, music is transferred normally





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