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I need a small advice here.

I'm going to buy a Unlimited Data plan and an ipad from a guy on Craigslist.

I'm planning to meet him at the AT&T corporate Store tomorrow.


But my doubt here is, After I pay him the money and he hands over the ipad and the Data plan login details, I change my Credit Card information and my Billing address, my Apple Email id.

Is there any way that he can claim once again, those login details, by any chance from AT&T or Apple?

Like by using a Security Question or something?


Can he file a Claim with AT&T or Apple and reclaim his access to the Unlimited Data plan account.

As You know, those accounts are now going for a bomb on Ebay and thats why I don't want to take any risk here.


Any help or information or links or insight or guidance is highly appreciated guys.



Thanks & Peace.