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Missed appointments

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~~I have been unable to get Apple to provide a solution to the problem outlined below. Others must be experiencing the same problem and may not realize it. Apple has really tried to help but because their techs lack the capability of sending test appointment request or contacts from a Windows pc they really can see what I'm talking about. • I use Microsoft Office 2010 on a W/7 operating system. • I have an iPhone 5 and a 3rd gen iPad. • I sync my devices via the iCloud to include Mail, Contacts and Calendar items. • In order to have my business function properly I must be able to count on the above services syncing accurately. The mail is not a problem the Calendar is a problem. Here is the problem. Incoming meeting and appointment requests appear only in the default Microsoft calendar and do not show in the iCloud calendar which is the calendar to which all devices sync. Likewise incoming contacts only save to and appear in the default contact folder and not in the iCloud contact folder. conversely, if I enter an appointment in the iCloud calendar on any device it immediately syncs to all devices including the PC. So I know the sync feature works but only on items I enter myself not on incoming items from others. I only recently learned of this situation after a colleague complained that I failed to confirm an appointment I had requested he set up. I have no idea of how many appointments I have missed. This can't be the way things are supposed to work.  As a work around I can manually check the default calendar and contact folders multiple times a day then manually copy and paste and items which show up but like most work arounds this one has a problem. It inserts the word COPY at the start of an appointment which pushes the other text off the calendar box. I then have to open each appointment rather than simply glance at the screen Hey it's the 21st century—surely there is another answer. Can any techie out there give me some guidance? Thanks /s/ Wits end in Laguna.

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I have no solution, but regarding your syncing issue... let me commiserate.  I've discovered that there are so many other permutations of this problem it makes my head spin.  I've had a similar problem to yours, and in seven months have been unable to get anyone from Apple or Microsoft to care, let alone provide some kind of fix.  They simply resort to finger-pointing.


It is my opinion that these two giants have other priorities for their business - i.e. keeping shareholders happy or trying to bring in new revenue... not sure where their heads are at... but I'm confident that they aren't focused on customer service.


They already have our money, mdmlgm2, and I believe Tim Cook does not have the slightest clue about the syncing issues that exist between Apple and Microsoft products (the issues that plague the little people like you and I).  He is too far removed from the good old terra-firma and doesn't realize the impact this issue will have on Apple's future.  As far as what Microsoft's new guy (Satya Nadella) knows or cares about our plight is anybody's guess.


From the reading I've done there may be a bit of hope that a solution is in the works... and until then I've chosen to wait.  I have even had to change the way I do business, for a time.  I don't like that, but I know I'm a little guy, and in the grand scheme of things I also know that one of two things is likely to happen:  our issues will continue to go un-addressed and these two arrogant behemoths will get their comeuppance on Wall Street... or someone will eventually fix things and that "someone" will appear as a hero to you and I.


It's childish behaviour, and they should be ashamed, but that, my friend, is life.

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