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I am on the borderline between just buying a iPad Mini Retina loaded vs. being frugal and buy it with just the storage that I will need which I think is 32GB.  Not sure of how much is left on a new Air or upcoming Mini Retina however but I guessing it is around 13GB on a 16GB model.


One or two GB off is not a concern either.


Also, I am kind of attractive to T-Mobiles offer of 200MB free so I was going to add the $129 options to take advantage of this deal?  No sure if it a sucker's move or not since I going to be using it mostly in the home.


Back to the storage!  Adding another $200 will give me 128GB of storage vs. 32.  Seems to me to be a great deal!


So in total it $329 difference between full load and what is needed.


How much will I get back if I buy the fully loaded if I sell it in 3 years or is the better to just buy the 32GB no LTE version?


I want to have feedback/opinions as to what you would do if you were me?

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