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Safari won't open any more

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For no reason I can figure out, Safari stopped working a few weeks ago.  I get this error message:

"Safari cannot be opened because of a problem.

Check with the developer to make sure Sarai works with this version of Mac OS X.  You may need to reinstall the application.  Be sure to install any available updates for the application and Mac OS X."


I did do all the updates.  Am running OS 10.7.5.


I tried to start my machine from Recovery but since I'm using a Windows keyboard it didn't work.  


Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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You should still be able to get to recovery mode by holding alt at boot but it depends on how old the machine is.

If you don't have a working browser, you can download the latest Safari in the terminal:

curl http://swcdn.apple.com/content/downloads/18/32/041-6651/147ugedbeiqpz43czixlgawayfoa7tjyjv/Safari6.1MountainLion.pkg > ~/Desktop/Safari.pkg

10.9 Mavericks is a free upgrade in the App Store. Upgrading to the latest OS will bring the latest Safari with it.
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Boot in Safe Mode (Hold down shift key at start up).  


Once boot, click on Safari.  Should load.


Reboot machine (normal boot) and Safari should work again...

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It opens perfectly in safe mode, as soon as you re-boot it comes up with the cannot connect message! Frustrating Grrrr

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