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Pocket adds content curation feature with latest version 5.0

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Popular digital content storage, reader and management tool Pocket hit version 5.0 on Wednesday with a new feature called "Highlights," a feature that adaptively suggests previously saved content based on a user's preferences.


Pocket, formerly Read It Later, adds three major features to its latest build with "Highlights," the app-connected "Preferences," and an overhauled user interface.

Highlights is reminiscent of content suggestion services offered by apps like Flipboard, which attempt to personalize a user's feed by recommending stories they think will be of interest. In Pocket's case, this content already lives in the app as previously saved items.

Instead of browsing through a pile of saved articles, Pocket will surface content based on usage history. Using algorithms, the app will display items in four categories: "Best of," Trending," "Long Reads" and "Quick Reads." The app adapts to reading patterns and can suggest what content is most suitable for the Highlights section.

In addition, the feature also creates offers content discovery by way of dynamic categories filled with items from frequented sites, authors and others.

Perhaps most interesting is an external service that connects to other apps. Dubbed "Pocket Preferences," the feature allows users to integrate their Pocket account with participating websites to share usage patterns. The data can then be used to create a dynamically changing customized recommendations list.

While Pocket version 5.0 is out now, Highlights is seeing a staggered rollout, but should be available to all customers within a few weeks. Further down the road, the new features will be added to the service's web, packaged and Mac apps.

Finally, the app features a tweaked UI that grants easy access to commonly used functions with a new sidebar.

Pocket is a free 21.4MB download from the App Store.
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Pocket has to be one of the most annoyingly self-promoting apps I've ever seen. There's something Zynga-y about the relentlessness of it. They always throw up something new in your face after each update. And that's a lot of updates (25 in 2 years, only going back to version 2.4.6). It feels like they are always selling their app to you. I'm thinking: 'why are you doing this to me? I'm already using your app? Well, I'm fucking trying to use it but you won't let me.' And that makes for an awful, awful user experience. Did I say it makes for an awful user experience? I mailed them a few times telling them to stop it but never did receive a reply.

But what do I know, apparently its developers are meant to be 'cool', or something.
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I used "Read It Later" in the past and it was great, few months ago I discovered Pocket and it's simply amazing! Not sure what this sir (ireland) is talking about (awful user experience) because my experience with this app is simply outstanding (so good that I register here just to write this comment).

I use Pocket to read on my MacBook Pro, on my phone and on my tablet and I love it, I suggest it to everyone!
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Originally Posted by NowConverted View Post

Not sure what this sir (ireland) is talking about (awful user experience).


Read what I said and why I said it and you'll be sure. Just registered to tell us all you liked it? Sure.

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