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So I just picked up my wife's new iPhone 5S, and helped her set it up.  A few impressions:


- Very nice design and construction

- iOS 7 very pretty, easily best looking interface

- Very fast


However, there were a few hiccups along the way that I didn't expect from Apple while setting up the phone.


Need an App Store account to download free apps.  Why?  Makes no sense.  Furthermore, why does it want payment infomation (address, name, phone number, etc...) when we opted out of setting up a credit card?  Makes no sense.  


Siri didn't work out of the box.  My wife was very disappointed by this.  Just to make sure the phone was OK, I tried a voice search using Google's Search app.  That worked perfectly.  So why on earth did Siri not work?  After a quick Google search (ironic eh?) I found out this is an issue with iOS 7, which can be fixed by resetting the settings, and turning Siri off then back on.  Did this, Siri works now.  


Wife enjoys the phone, it is a very nice phone, but a very bad first impression between the absurd App Store signup procedure and broken fundamental feature (Siri) out of the box...