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Apple iBeacons 101
  1. You decide you want to shop at Macys
    • you download the Macys app from the App store
    • You startup the app -- it begins listening for Macys iBeacons
    • You set the app to notify you when a Macys iBeacon is detected
    • Your iPhone, times out, the Macys app goes into the background, and is eventually terminated
    • The "listen for Macys iBeacons" request has been pushed down to the BT radio
  2. You walk up to a store window or aisle that contains a Macys iBeacon
  3. The BT radio on your iPhone recognizes that you are near a Macys iBeacon that you are listening for. Based on your preferences, the iPhone can:
    • do nothing
    • notify you
    • open the Macys app at the relevant page for the specific Macys iBeacon detected.

That's the way I thought you had generally described it. Yet the actual provider for Macy's Beacon service, ShopKick, appears to say you'll get pushed ads/marketeting from the vendor even if the app isn't opened.

Quote: "The closed beta in the two Macy’s stores — which will work on the Shopkick app not just on iPhone devices but also Android handsets using version 4.3 or higher — will open up to all visitors in the locations “within weeks... Offers now will be pinged to users right when they are walking past them, or past a department that contains products that users have shown interest in before. And for those who have opted in, the iBeacon technology will also automatically open the app .

Is ShopKick implementing iBeacon services differently than you've understood or is their CEO perhaps mistaken about how their service will work?
melior diabolus quem scies
melior diabolus quem scies