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Anker Battery Case for iPhone 5/5S

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I wanted to provide a little insight for anyone looking to purchase an external battery case for their iPhone 5/5S. I know some people use their phone constantly and are looking for something a little less cumbersome than an external battery  with a charging cable, or having to lug around a wall adapter and cable to charge up when your power starts dropping. So here's a short review of the Anker 2400mAh battery case to -hopefully- help you in making a decision if you're in the market for one of these devices.


I just got the Anker 2400mAh battery case and have been using it consistently over the past week with results that I'm happy about and wanted to share with you all. I can go from a 10% (+/- 2%) charge to a full charge from the battery case in under 2 hours and the case itself only takes about the same amount of time to fully recharge. Like other battery cases, it's easy to use and has proven immensely useful so far.


You may notice that many of these battery cases can be quite heavy. Not the case here. I have a separate one for my old iPhone 4 from another manufacturer which works great, but it weighs a ton. This new one from Anker is very light weight, slim and doesn't get in the way of tucking my iPhone into my pocket. It's not so light that it's delicate, either. I suspect it can take some abuse, but I don't recommend it.


It's not the be all, end all, it does have a few minor drawbacks. Most notable is the access to the lock button, it's buried a little bit within the case but is still accessible. I just wish it were easier to access. Another issue (as is the case with many battery cases) is that it needs to be recharged via micro USB. Again it's not a deal breaker, but it's something you should be aware of. Anker provides the necessary cabling for the case, so there's no worries about that. I'd just prefer using my Lightning cable to charge it.


All in all the case is well worth the investment and truly is powerful enough to give a full charge from 0% and then some. The case shuts itself off after your phone has reached a full charge, too. No worries about the "death trickle" draining the remaining life from your battery case. The Anker 2400mAh battery case also incorporates a speaker and mic on the front of the battery case to ensure your ringer can be heard as well as the people you're speaking to are able to hear you.


I hope this helps some people out there looking for an iPhone 5 or 5S battery case.

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Originally Posted by vsdae View Post

I have this ravpower lipstick charger which is very portable and I think that is more useful than a battery case. You can charge other phones no limited in iPhone. 

The portables are great, don't get me wrong. I have 3 different styles of portable battery chargers, but sometimes I don't want to be incumbered with carrying around cables to charge my iPhone. If my wife is going to need a charge on her Samsung, then yes, I'll bring along a portable and cable to charge it. Otherwise I find it easier to have a battery case on my phone. I'm typically not worried about charging other people's devices with my batteries ;-)

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I don't think External battery is necessary, I got WIWOFIT wireless charger from Amazon for Nokia 920. it  seems to be an excellent product. Works with my Nokia 920 as well as when it is plugged directly into the USB. At first someone recommend CHOE brand , it's a little bit expensive. I bought this cheaper one. The phone beeps after charging on the pad to tell you it works, that was what I really like . It took not long time to charge from empty to full. Just Fantastic! 

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