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Can't buy songs on itunes

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I don't know what the deal is. I go to my wish list and the songs are listed but there's no option anywhere to purchase them.

Even clicking on the little arrow next to each song has no purchase option.


I'm stumped (and a little annoyed)

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I have the same problem.  Were you able to solve this.  I contacted Apple and their response was to update latest version of iTunes which I already did.

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Im having the same exact problem. I cant buy songs in my wishlist which is ridiculously stupid on Itunes. I have over 20$ in credit on my account that I cant use!!!


I logged into my account and changed the credit card info thinking that was maybe the problem. That did nothing.


So......stupid work around....but it solved the problem for me. They dont give you option to BUY the song, but you can use the option to GIFT the song. So just gift it to yourself.


Update: I tried above work around and I cant say if it works or not  yet. Its been over 15 minutes and the "gift" has not arrived yet. Ive never gifted a song so I do not know how long it normally takes to arrive. :-(


Im on chat support now so if they give me a solution I will let you know.


They gave me some bullshit about live streaming changed the process of buying.



Right. The more recent versions of iTunes have removed the button that says ‘Buy’ in an attempt to streamline viewing the page. Now, when clicking the price on a computer, it will initiate the purchasing process.In iOS 8, it’s just like tapping the price and seeing ‘Buy Song’ appear instead of having two different buttons to perform the same function


So now you click the price rather than use the drop down box. It automatically downloads.


Please post this on as many social media sites so our frustration is not shared by as many people!!


Ciao for now


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I have exactly this same problem.  I tried to download 9 tracks of music from my Wish List and the buy button is nowhere to be seen.   I have since clicked the price button but this does not seem to function either.  So frustrating and a waste of time, I will probably delete Itunes altogether.

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No it does not WORK.


I have been clicking on the price for 30 minutes now for various songs and NOTHING happens. Does don't auto download.


Im going crazy with the NEW (shitty) iTunes interface. Where has all the simplicity gone?

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