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Brand new iPod

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Well, i did it, got an iPod. Happy Birthday

and now my delema:

i've got a car with a CD player/radio (no tape)

i've got an iPod with Audio out

how do i get my iPod to play through my car stereo.

The old wired tape won't work so i went to the drawing board:

could i (with a little help from radio shack build a dock for my iPod on the dashboard. Something near the stearing wheel do allow a quick look with hitting a mail box.

I would have a DC 12 to AC adaptor then feed that through a AC to fire fire adaptor mounth that on the dock, then somehow run a line input into the back of my car stereo and that's my problem:

is there an input back there, maby the same one use if i had a cd changer which i don't for instance.

my other concept get a liittle more complecated:

use an old pair of head phone and tape it to a hands free adapter to a cell phone that feeds into the radio. downside: low quality, mono sound.

i know i can do the 2nd but before i go rip out my radio to look at the backside does anyone know if this is even feazable

thanks (oh and by the way it's a stock Ford Focus CD/AM/FM car stereo)
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It sounds like you need the Arkon Wireless CD Player adapter.

[quote] The Sound Feeder(TM) mobile audio connector enables you to use your portable CD player with any car stereo. It is battery powered so there is no need for in-dash systems or a cassette deck. Simply tune it into any unused FM channel, connect to the player's headphone jack and listen to your CDs play in stereo off the radio. May also be used indoors with TVs, video games, keyboards, computers or other audio equipment to transmit high quality stereo sound. Requires 1 AA battery (not included). Approx. 3"L x 2"W x 1"H. Weighs 2.6 oz. <hr></blockquote>

<a href="http://www.reviewboard.com/Section/Car-Audio/sfwcpa" target="_blank">Review</a>

<a href="http://www.qvc.com/scripts/detail.dll?item=E50902&frames=y&from=se&tpl=detail &navlist=E50902*" target="_blank">Purchase</a>

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It wouldn't be too hard to wire an 1/8" stereo jack and a switch up to the wires connecting your car stereo to the speakers. The only problem then would be that the sound would be unamplified. Some car stereo's have a pre-amp input on the back, if yours does you could hook it in through that, or even use a disc-changer connector if it has that.
"America is a society where intellect seems to be out of style, replaced by garish gold jewelry, and winter clothes worn year round."
"America is a society where intellect seems to be out of style, replaced by garish gold jewelry, and winter clothes worn year round."
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I've got a Pioneer head unit, with IP-BUS connectors for a CD changer (which I don't have). I've found an adapter that will go from the CD Changer inputs on the head unit to an RCA jack, then get a 8mm to RCA adapter, and I don't see any reason why it shouldn't work. Theoretically I should just be able to set the band mode on the head unit to Multi-CD, set the iPod's volume low, and then go to town. I'll let you know how it works, if I get brave.

<a href="http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/Pioneer/CDA/CarProducts/CarProductDetails/0,1429,90,00.html" target="_blank">http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/Pioneer/CDA/CarProducts/CarProductDetails/0,1429,90,00.html</a>

(edit: doh, i forgot the link!)

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Well, I did it! I was telling a friend about it, and turns out he already had the adapter and was willing to sell it to me for $20. So i went over and hooked it up -- it was a simple job of taking out the head unit, plugging the adapter in, and plugging an rca-3.5mm cable into the headphone jack of the ipod. it sounds fine, the levels are a little low, but i found i can turn the ipod up to 3/4 volume and then adjust with the head unit with no distortion. If you have a stereo with any kind of auxillary or changer inputs, i'd highly suggest it. i drove down to the beach with some friends last night and in constant use and constant track-changing, the battery never dropped one bar. i'm impressed.
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Congrats on your success with the iPod car stereo setup.

I have an old clunky van with a tape player. I'll jjust buy one of those funky wired tape things that interfaces with the iPod.
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[quote]funky wired tape things that interfaces with the iPod.<hr></blockquote>

Hey, no shame there. I had one for years that I used with my discman. It outlasted the cd player (although to the player's credit, I did get it for my 13th birthday, so it was somewhere on the order of 8 years old when it finally died). Anyway, from whatI could tell, the sound you got from those was totally acceptable, especially when you consider that these are MP3s you're listening to, not pristine digital recordings. Not bad when you consider the price and compatibility.

(oh, and so i can stay somewhat connected to the original poster)

ben: have you looked around yet? i'm not that familiar with the focus but being a newer car, you have a pretty good chance of finding an input. most car stereos aren't that hard to take out, if you have a ratchet and a screwdriver and you're not afraid to pry off some plastic molding (it's usually all snapped on anyway). i helped one of my dad's friends install a stereo in his taurus once though, and we had to take a huge part of the dashboard off. so, i'm not sure how easy it'll be with a ford. but hey, if you've got some time to kill, just see what you can pull off.

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